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GF Furniture

GF is a large company in the USA that was created to provide its customers with reliability, quality, and stylish design. Making every piece of interior, from a soft fluffy carpet to spacious comfortable beds, the company takes care of the satisfaction of different customers with different tastes. The brand is famous for its desire to master new technologies, therefore, the products are always distinguished by novelty and a fresh look at the idea of ​​​​convenience. With just a glance at the figured tables that visually expand the space, or at the large mirrored dressing table with a backlight from GF, you understand that your desires are ready for implementation.

From the very beginning of its existence, the company’s team has had a great desire to give people something that will save them a lot of time and money in their search for the perfect furniture. It was not an easy task, but realizing the joy the company can bring to their customers, the brand creators continued to move forward. That is why now everyone just can think about cozy gatherings with friends, and immediately get a chic polished table or a velvet folding sofa, which allows you no longer worry about the convenience of guests. For young families who are eager to get a new apartment at low prices or for a responsible office manager who cares about the well-being of its employees - the GF provides furniture for everyone that solves all the problems of finance, amenity, and quality.


GF is one of the most recognizable furniture companies in the US market. For decades, it has proven its leadership in many areas: the selection and supply of necessary household appliances, the satisfaction of all the needs and desires of customers, the advantage in quality, and many others. Understanding how important it is to save the planet, GF is consciously environmentally responsible. In the production of beds, chairs, and other furniture, the company focuses on more durable and resistant materials that leave a smaller carbon footprint. The brand cares about energy-saving resources, reuses them, and thereby provides a noticeable improvement in the quality of current and future generations' lives.

The company is ahead of its competitors in the use of recycled materials in packaging, while no harmful solvents are used. GF uses "flat packs" while reducing the size of the carton. All upholstery is CFC-free and helps preserve the Earth's ozone layer. When creating unique products, the company has provided all possible options and made life easier for its customers. Now the furniture is easy to assemble and disassemble. This helps a lot when moving, as well as during the technical replacement of parts. The main task of the GF is to convince everyone that quality and good service should be accessible to all people with any financial capabilities.


The history of the world's leading brand began in 1999.  But long before that Alex Weissman, CEO, and Alex Rubinstein, Managing Director, came up with the idea of ​​creating versatile and practical elements. It all started with a small warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, where the era of new furniture was born. Now, more than 20 years later, the company has settled in East Brunswick, New Jersey, and expanded into a 150,000-square-pound warehouse. In 2018, the initial product catalog included 15 collections. It contained high-quality furniture for the whole house: bedroom, living room, kitchen, and buyers could also enjoy buying wall paintings and sculptures. The presentation of the line was grandiose and successful, so the founders of the company decided to move forward.

Today, this corporation boasts of its scale and level of quality. A rich assortment of goods allows customers from all over America, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico to transform the exterior and interior in any style, and most importantly with taste and at reasonable prices. Contemporary collections support the brand's vision of affordable design innovation and the best on the market. GF designers have never been afraid to experiment, so now the company pleases us with unusual geometric shapes of tables, chairs with elongated curved backs, and lamps with crystal mirror inserts. And it's not over yet! The company founders continue to work on its development and are looking for new ways to improve the quality of people's lives.