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Every home needs such a seemingly simple thing as a wall-mounted clothes hanger. In addition to its practical aspect – storing clothes, it is also a part of the hallway interior. In the past, clothes were stored in oblong wooden boxes, in which long skirts did not wrinkle. The chests looked different: the wealthier a family was, the richer a decoration looked. In the 16th century, someone guessed to put the chest upright. Then, for a long time, hangers replaced metal nails, and people hung jackets and hats on them. Only decades later, we got a modern look of hangers in the hallway, which are becoming more popular every day, due to their practicality in ordinary life. 

The "Hall Trees" section contains on its pages the most stylish and functional models that will perfectly fit into your space. In our catalog, you will find beautiful and useful products from the world's best manufacturers. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the model on the product page: the brand of the manufacturer, the weight and dimensions of the item, the finish of the furniture, the recommended maximum weight, the components included, the materials used and special features. The hall trees we offer are made from durable and safe materials that meet international quality and emission standards.

You need to choose a hanger based on the interior of the hallway. The hanger should be similar in color and shape, not stand out or catch the eye. However, this is not an accessory, and the main purpose of the hanger is to be a place to store clothes. It should just look nice, there is no need to choose luxurious options. Though, if your house is decorated in the baroque style, such elaborate versions of ornate lines with gilding will be a great addition. You need to find a balance between style and convenience, usually, it is not difficult, even considering all the needs and preferences. A geometric modern hanger made of plastic and metal will be memorable and will sink into the soul of your guests. 

Designer products admiringly underline the individuality and relevance of the interior. If you want to get the most fascinating overall design of the hallway, choose amusing figures, peculiar designs, and original forms. All our hall trees are easy to assemble without outside help, additional tools and special knowledge. Use your own intuition, or refer to the step-by-step instructions included in the kit. Hall three is an organizer for the hallway, where you can conveniently arrange coats, hats, umbrellas, bags and backpacks, as well as books, magazines and decorative items. Real comfort involves ordering the many things you use.

Depending on the design features, the floor, wall, and built-in kinds of hallway trees are distinguished. The main advantage of floor-type hangers is mobility. They fit perfectly into the interior of any hallway, and if necessary, can be easily removed to another place. Modern wall hangers in the corridors are especially convenient in situations where you need to save free space at all costs. Products in various designs made of plastic, wood, metal, or a combination of different materials are available at the Domesca online store, so choosing the right solution for your hallway is not complicated. If you have any questions, you can ask our expert.

Built-in models are usually produced complete with additional lockers, drawers, or lockers in the hallway. This option is suitable for owners of apartments with small rooms. Some models can be additionally equipped with elements that will complement them stylishly or practically. These include a mirror; upper compartments for placing umbrellas, hats, bags, and other things on them; a lower cabinet for shoes; a seat;  a cabinet with a door for small items, etc. When choosing, you need to analyze the functionality, spaciousness, and comfort of the design. Some models have fixed-level hooks, and it is impossible to lower them, so think about the height, especially if children live in the house. 

To get not only a functional but also a beautiful product, you can decorate it yourself with the help of unusual metal hooks. The main thing is that you need to pay attention to the color of the hanger that must be combined with the flooring. Buying at Domesca, every beginner designer will be able to select the perfect option for themselves and realize their creative abilities. Regardless of design, style and cost, we guarantee exclusive quality and prompt delivery of household items and accessories to your doorstep. You can also visit the “Cocktail and Home Bar”, “Islands and Carts”, 2Console Tables” and other sections of the Domesca online store.