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Rugs + Runners

The rug is not only a comfortable and warm addition to the room, but it is also a pleasant tactile sensation and noise absorption. The most important task that confronts us is how to choose a high-quality and stylish rug for many years to come. And first of all, you should pay attention to the size of the space. Most likely, you do not need huge models for the whole room. Modern options give you comfort even with a smaller length and width. Therefore, it is better to decide on a color scheme that will either visually enlarge the area, or add elegance and luxury to the room.

The Domesca online store has a huge range of rug colors that remain bright and saturated for a long time. We invite you to plunge into the pages of our store and choose among all the shades the one that immediately sinks into your soul. It can be snow-white or chocolate brown. And inviting beige, and intriguing dark blue. Daring red and soothing green. In any case, your home will sparkle with new colors and bring you inspiration with new ideas. It is worth noting that the accent carpet does not always need to be combined with other interior items. Sometimes it can be the only bright spot in the room.

In our range, you will find both the cubist Picasso manner and simple but exciting patterns. For rooms where the curtains, walls, and floor are made in a minimalist style, it is best to focus on interesting and unusual options. And vice versa. So we advise you to choose a carpet in Domeca so that it matches and harmonizes with the flooring, which will add style to your room. Still not sure how to settle for a safe solid color or try a fun pattern? You can choose two options at once for different rooms, and then they will be completely different, but at the same time equally beautiful.

The choice of synthetic products is very large because due to their material they acquire a large variation in colors. Acrylic rugs, for example, are a great substitute for natural wool products. They are fire-resistant and do not fade in the sun. It is also worth noting that they will be a perfect choice for allergy sufferers. Viscose carpets are also in great variety in Domesca: such products are durable and wear-resistant, so they can be safely used in kids' rooms because even if your kids often crawl on the floor, the rugs will not be wiped for a long period.

We decided on the carpets in the house. Now we are faced with another important task: to find the perfect door mat. Since it is used often and usually chosen for years, it must be very durable and functional. Therefore, you made the right decision by entrusting this task to us. Our online store contains options from different materials: resistant polypropylene, polyamide that retains moisture and dirt, rubber tested over the years, and others. Whatever you choose, be sure that it will last you a long time and won't cause trouble with cleaning.

To protect the house from the penetration of dirt and moisture, two rugs are used - external and internal. Outdoor mats need to be even more durable than door mats. They must withstand all weather conditions and not fade under the influence of sunlight. The best models are also made from artificial materials such as nylon or jute. Domesca’s pile mats protect against moisture and dust, are environmentally friendly, and do not accumulate bacteria. It's hard to imagine a more perfect option!

You’ve decorated the hallway, but feel that something is missing? Runner rugs will make any room truly cozy. They differ from regular rugs in their length, as well as they can be machine washed. Therefore, you can complement the appearance of the corridor, and make a bright accent in any other room, without being afraid to think about cleansing it from dirt. And opting for a lint-free carpet, which is less often and easier to clean, you can forget about it for several weeks. Domesca cares not only about decorating your home with unique products, but also about simplifying your life and leaving time for pleasant things.