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Sports & Fitness

OVICX™ - Rowing Machine

$499.00 - $699.00

CLMBR™ - Connected

$1,799.00 - $2,399.00

BenchK™ - 710 Series Wall Bar

$395.00 - $1,759.00

BenchK™ - 310 Series Wall Bar

$625.00 - $1,659.00

Beauty and health are not gifts from heaven, but the result of constant efforts and work on self-improvement. The sooner you understand this simple truth, the better. The ancients said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. That is why people go in for various sports, and in particular, fitness, the purpose of which is precisely the formation of a beautiful and healthy body. And if you have a choice – fitness or plastic surgery, choose fitness. It is more humane to your body and cheaper for the budget. Now ask yourself a question: is it safe to do fitness? Even if you do not need medical supervision, you will need some helpers for doing sports. All of them can be bought in the Domesca online store.

The collection of items in the Sports and Fitness catalog is constantly updated. Here, on Domesca, you can choose from a large list of products that will assist you in training. Whether you are doing yoga or speed walking, hiking or playing football, practicing martial arts or something exotic, most likely we have something to offer you. Arm yourself with patience and browse the entire collection related to this topic. You'll find a lot of useful items – sports clothes and equipment – that will make training more effective and enjoyable. 

Jogging and other types of moderate physical activity will help to escape from many diseases. So we return to the way of life of our distant ancestors. They had almost no cardiovascular and mental illnesses. However, unreasonable stress on the heart and other body systems can be very harmful. Therefore, you need to use a smartwatch. It shows the level of oxygen in the blood, pulse, calories, and other activity parameters, as well as the distance to the desired point. This handy gadget has many useful features that can be activated or deactivated. Several dials will allow you to monitor the state of the body, receive valuable information about internal processes and make the right decisions.

Sportswear manufacturers work closely with medical professionals and other scientists. It is much more convenient to do yoga, fitness, jogging, and other types of activities in such clothes. This will allow the athlete to focus all his strength on the goal, minimizing the environmental influence. The Domesca online store catalog contains a large selection of clothing for various sports – training pants, compression leggings, sneakers, elastic absorbent headbands, sports bras, long-sleeve compression tops, women's stretch, and much more. We also recommend choosing a comfortable sports bag, which is an important part of your equipment.

Pay attention to the goods for Sports and Fitness, which are sold as a set. These products are equally suitable for men and women, regardless of body parameters. A fitness combo might include a gym bag, shaker, gloves, wrist support, and other useful items. Train with ultimate comfort, maximum performance, and enjoyment!  Kits for other activities are also available in the Domesca online store. But even if you don't find the combo that suits you, our experts will be happy to help you collect an individual set for the sport you practice. We only stock quality Sports & Fitness items from the industry's flagships.

A few words about simulators. A gym for fitness, yoga, and bodybuilding can be arranged in your own home. You won't need much space if you plan to use compact and comfortable stationary bikes with adjustable handlebars. There is a large selection of body equipment at your disposal – dumbbells, floor ladders for stepping, jump ropes, weights, sit-up bars (abdominal muscles), double springs (back muscles), wrist and forearm grips, and so on. The main advantages of this kind of assistance are compactness, the ability to be quickly dismantled, and safety for practitioners and those around them.

A workout room inside your own home is an achievable goal. The items for Sports and Fitness offered here are compact, and very convenient. From now on, you choose the time and duration of the training, schedule, and physical activity. Having your gym, you can significantly save on the services of third-party organizations. If you are your own coach, start creating your gym so as not to depend on epidemics and other circumstances. The experts of the Domesca online store will help you with this. Our products can be ordered on your smartphone and tablet, at any time of the day or night.