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OVICX™ - Rowing Machine


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These days, more and more people want to stay in shape without going out, so when planning the design of a house or apartment, you should seriously think about having a comfortable place reserved for routine exercises. The selection of furniture for a home depends on your individual taste, needs, and style preference. And of course, the priority is the choice of quality furniture for the living room - sofas, coffee tables, TV stands, armchairs, and accent pieces like bookcases and floor lamps. Then we turn our attention to the kitchen with its drawers, bar stools, and shelves for kitchen utensils and cabinets to store glassware and other items needed in this area of the house.

Domesca Sports + Fitness

Bedroom furniture is also important to us, especially the bed and wardrobe. And only after we have equipped the bathroom with items like a vanity set or wall-mount sinks we can think about our home gym and its equipment. Creating a space for home workouts is an exciting and rewarding experience as having your own place for working out is a great way to stay healthy, flexible, and fit anytime, no matter the circumstances. Designing your home gym can seem daunting, but with a bit of planning, you can create the perfect fitness center and make it a reality in your own house. Working out at home offers many advantages and investing in quality home gym equipment is a must for those who want to make sure they’re using equipment that is durable, comfortable, and able to help them meet their fitness goals.

Investing in quality home gym equipment is a smart move both now and in the long term, as it will make sure your workouts are safe, effective, and enjoyable. With the right cardio exercise machines and equipment, you can turn your living space into a personal gym for all types of workouts.

Domesca Sports + Fitness
Domesca Sports + Fitness

If you prefer wide-open landscapes and green environments, folding treadmills and exercise bikes are great for running outdoors without leaving your home. Combine these with gymnastic wall bars or a gymnastics mat to strengthen your core muscles with some light gymnastics or stretching. An elliptical trainer or rowing machine will also help tremendously in achieving cardiovascular goals while toning your whole body.

Quality items provide you with the freedom of true range of motion so you get the most effective results while reducing the risk of injury. By investing in quality home gym equipment, you can now train conveniently at home! Even if you're in a small apartment, even just setting up a corner in your bedroom or living room can be perfect for transforming it into a fully functional workout area. Think about what items you want on hand to make it comfortable - space-saving items like an exercise mat, foam roller, pull-up bars, exercise balls, resistance bands, and adjustable dumbbells is a great way to get toned while taking up minimal square footage. With just a few strategic additions to your home gym setup, you will have everything you need to stay fit and healthy no matter how small the space.

A home gym is incomplete without plenty of storage options. Having cabinets in the home gym is essential to keeping all your equipment organized. Cabinets of various sizes and shapes will match any home gym layout, providing a storage solution for even the most oddly shaped items. They come with adjustable shelves that can either be pulled out or laid flat so you can easily store items of different sizes. If cabinets aren't feasible for your particular home gym layout, then wall-mounted storage provides an excellent alternative. You can mount shelving units on the walls, make use of empty spaces, and gain extra vertical storage for items like free weights. With the right combination of cabinets and wall-mounted racks, you can ensure that the cluttered look of the past is consigned to history in favor of a neat and relaxed home gym vibe.

Domesca Sports + Fitness
Domesca Sports + Fitness

Doing yoga and pilates at home can be a great way for anyone to stay fit, even if they have a busy schedule. You don't need a lot of expensive equipment to practice yoga - it's enough to have a quality yoga mat or even an ordinary home rug or runner. But one of the most important tools for those working out from home is a mirror – it can provide the user with feedback on their form and movements, helping them improve their technique and get the most out of their workout. By using a mirror, beginners will be able to inspect themselves while they are performing any movements and correct themselves if they are struggling with poses as they go alone. With more experience, mirrors can become an invaluable tool for checking posture, the symmetry between sides, and precision in movement - which is fundamental both in building strength and avoiding injury. In conclusion, having a mirror when doing yoga or pilates at home is incredibly helpful - it keeps workouts safe and effective and allows users to maximize the results of each exercise or pose performed.

Finally, lighting can be one of the most important elements for a good home gym. By having proper and well-thought-out lighting in your workout space, you will be able to feel more comfortable and secure during your sessions. With strategically placed lights that are intense enough, you will have better visibility so that you can ensure proper exercise form. Additionally, an illuminated home gym helps keep up the morale while working out and makes it easier to focus on what matters – your fitness goals. In essence, with good lighting in your home gym, workouts will become less of a chore and rather a place of inspiration where routine tasks become something of a ritual. All the most important items and equipment you will find on the pages of the Domesca catalog. With a bit of planning and research, you can enjoy a great home gym equipped with reliable pieces tailored to your fitness needs.