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You cannot buy a museum piece, but vintage items are sold in a large assortment in the Domesca online store. They imitate useful things of old times, creating a special atmosphere of comfort and well-being. In the world of big cities, every minute we experience some kind of shock. Stress exhausts the soul, which demands to stop the frantic running of time. But only in a cozy home environment, you can truly relax and unwind. If you are a lover of the old style, you should definitely have a grandfather clock in your apartment. You do not need to take any things from your grandpa, as beautiful and stylized household items are presented in our catalog in a large assortment. Modern technologies can disguise themselves as any entourage. If you have not yet purchased a vintage grandfather clock, our models are at your service.

A vintage grandfather clock creates a special atmosphere of comfort and intimacy. They are suitable for any interior but will look most advantageous in the old style, among other vintage items. The Domesca online store has many useful and beautiful household items in various styles, with different functions and purposes. You will definitely find what you need in the categories of furniture, lighting, and equipment. Grandfather's clock is made of different materials. You can choose expensive wood finishes, but modern plastic is more reliable and durable, perfectly imitating the texture of antique items. In addition, synthetic materials allow you to create a more sophisticated ornament. In addition, such a design solution implies lower costs. 

All our materials are pleasant to the touch and pleasing to the eye, as well as safe for health and the environment. When choosing a model, pay attention to the following parameters: brand of the manufacturer, type of installation, weight and dimensions of the product, applied technologies, noise level, style and design, purpose, included components, and special features. Special features include a chime with a set of melodies that can be programmed for any time. Pay attention to the batteries included, as well as their required number. There is a pendulum in the grandfather clock, but it is rather a tribute to tradition. You don't need to move it as it is also battery-operated. The pendulums in our models are presented in a wide variety of designs and styles.

If the model is designed for the wall, the kit will include mounting hardware and step-by-step instructions. We offer a large selection of floor and wall grandfather clocks. Choose the shade, texture and design that best suits your interior. Most of the proposed models are universal. You can put the grandfather clock on the fireplace, and place it in the living room, bedroom, dining room, or home office. Create intimacy of a well-tended hearth with beautiful and stylish home furnishings. Regardless of style and design, we guarantee the exclusive quality and aesthetic appeal of each product. Domesca customers can also visit “Alarm Clocks”, “Digital Clocks”, “Mantel + Table Clocks”, and other sections of the catalog. You will definitely find what you need.

The first grandfather clock appeared in the 17th century and was called the "clock cabinet".  Initially, they were low, with short pendulums, which had an amplitude of oscillation from 80 to 1000. Antique clocks could be 10-11 minutes behind in a day, which caused a lot of inconveniences. Scientists have been working on improving the pendulum for a long time, and only in 1670 long pendulums were developed, thanks to which time became as accurate as possible. They were a favorite element of the interior of the aristocracy of the Middle Ages. Grandfather clocks have been a luxury item since their inception. An important criterion is what you want to get from the grandfather clock, in addition to a bright addition to the interior. For example, you can select a clock with a strike - when the characteristic sound of the strike will come from the clock at a certain time.

A very popular solution if you want a grandfather clock to give a special status to your home and a pleasant sound to complement the atmosphere. And therefore, the choice of grandfather clocks should be approached with special attention, with which the Domesca team and our specialists will be happy to help you with any questions you are interested. For example, the issue of material. Most grandfather clocks are made of wood. It should be borne in mind that the case plays a big role in building the price. You can choose from chipboard or high-quality wood such as mahogany. It is worth paying attention to how the wood of a certain type and color will be combined with the external environment where the clock will be placed. Now, grandfather clocks at Domesca can be divided into several types, each of which will suit a certain style in the interior.  

Classic models have a tall and narrow body, more often this type refers to antique options.  Colors can vary from black to light brown. Such models are decorated with gilding, and carvings, they can be showcased for demonstrating family values ​​or be with a pendulum in a wooden case. There are styles of products that resemble the classic but do not belong to it. With more elaborate forms, decorated, with glass fronts and curved legs, they are made in the Rococo or Baroque style. Adapted is a modern look of grandfather clocks, they can have a different appearance depending on the style in which they are made. Their huge advantage is that there are not only mechanical but also electronic models. Modern options can have a completely unusual look and color. Such models successfully fit into the modern style of houses and emphasize the individuality of the owners. If you are interested in buying some kind of grandfather clock, be sure that you can find the right model at Domesca.