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Wall Lights

When the first wall appeared, it did not remain empty for long. The more or less vertical surface of the cave was covered with rock paintings, and already at that distant time, people hung weapons, trophies, and animal skins on it. With the development of technology for extracting and holding fire, torches were inserted into the walls. In ancient times and the Middle Ages, more compact and reliable lighting devices appeared – candles. Later they were joined by kerosene lamps and gas lanterns. Even then, the design of lighting fixtures was entrusted to craftsmen and artists. Many of these finds are used in retro-style modern wall lights.

We no longer use flammable substances, which caused fires in the past. Electricity sometimes fails us, but with the advent of LEDs, the risk of fire is minimized. If you are a supporter of energy-saving technologies, we have something to offer you. Visit the “LED Lighting” section of the Domesca online store. Modern wall lights are manufactured to high safety and environmental standards. They are easy to maintain, assemble and disassemble. Every home item in our collection is practical and aesthetically pleasing, no matter the design or decoration, from primitive office lamps to masterpieces of applied art.

Devices for outdoor lighting provide reliable protection against moisture, dirt, wind, sun, and dust. Indoor wall lights also offer some of these benefits when it comes to the bathroom or kitchen. Indoors, a mandatory requirement for electrical appliances is safety for children and animals. Control can be local or remote using wires or electromagnetic pulses. Smart lighting devices are programmed according to a time schedule or sensors. If you like to pull the cord, this control principle is also available in our wall lights. Other features include brightness and color adjustment, movement within a range of patterns, and lighting direction.

Wall lights can illuminate or highlight. The rays are directed in a concentrated stream or diffused, evenly or in beams, in one or more directions. Combining all these parameters, you can get amazing patterns of light and shadow on the wall and the entire interior area. There are built-in devices and models on brackets. The first option will be appropriate in small rooms where you risk catching on the wall light. The built-in device can be deeply recessed into the wall or form protruding volumes of various shapes. Hanging lighting fixtures will help create a style for every taste. A wide range of designs is at your disposal.

Classical style is not a single direction. You can choose a lighting device depending on a particular tradition in the art of decorating a room. Victorian lamps and baroque wall lights cater to users with different attitudes. The lantern style is original in its own way, which is appropriate not only outside, but also indoors. Luminous geometric shapes can fascinate people with strict principles, but cheerful and frivolous individuals will love the floral decor and bright colors of the home item. The cave entourage is easy to create with stylized wallpaper with a corrugated surface and a lighting fixture pressed against the wall like a huge insect.

Many home items from the “Wall Lights” category are a great decoration for various rooms of the dwelling and would take their rightful place in the "Decorative Objects". Don't be surprised by the variety of beautiful ornaments and themes. The creative imagination of developers knows no limits. How do you like a bracket in the form of a marine rope or a protective frame that resembles a diamond? The wall light looks very funny in the form of a little man, whose head is a luminous bulb. The surface of the lighting device can be covered with an exquisite pattern in one or more colors. Some drawings have religious or philosophical content. You should not make hasty decisions here, because creating comfort takes time.

Pay attention to universal wall lights. As a rule, these portable household items are well attached to any vertical or overhanging surface. They can be used inside and outside. In addition, the Domesca online store catalog contains related categories – “Outdoor Lighting”, “Table + Floor Lamps”, “LED Lighting”, and “Lighting Bulbs + Accessories”. The wall light is a fragile item, so we care about safe transportation. Choose and order our products on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Domesca is a convenient online store to create home comfort.