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Theodore Alexander Furniture

Some brands are valued for their national flavor, others for a long history, and others – for quality and originality. Theodore combines all these features. Meet the iconic brand from Great Britain, whose exquisite furniture fits perfectly into any space and any time. The English habit of doing quality and original things, like mowing the lawn, is formed slowly and gradually. You are buying more than just Theodore furniture – you are purchasing the charm of a tradition that has experienced imperial splendor and the subtle influence of the Orient. If you like gentlemanly style, start with the interior of your own home. Choose Theodore furniture. Enjoyable and exquisite household items for every taste are at your service.

Traditions and strict etiquette do not prevent the Englishman from being extravagant. That is why in the collection of the brand you will find "Crazy Table" with irregular artistic lines. Craving for artsy solutions is part of British culture, helping to overcome constraints and formalism. Unusual geometric shapes of tables and chairs have a completely rational justification. They create a relaxed atmosphere and relieve stress. Making unusual furniture requires deep “anatomical” knowledge and close attention to reliability. The English designers from Theodore have all these qualities in abundance. Meet extraordinary furniture in Domesca online store.


The furniture brand Theodore, known for its non-standard solutions and exclusive quality, offers household items and accessories by category or by collection. Coffee, dining, and writing tables are represented by a wide palette of design solutions. Classic and ultra original models are made of wood-based panels, metal, glass, and even marble. It is not only the variety of styles that is striking but also the range of geometric shapes. The next section includes seats – stools, chairs, and sofas. The choice in this category of home items depends on the purpose (for example, a bar or dining chair), the style of the interior, and the personal preferences of the buyer. All offered models are durable and comfortable. Tables and chairs can be quite unpredictable.

Theodore offers an extensive collection of cabinetry – open and closed cabinets, oval and round bedside tables, and options for storing or displaying beautiful things, in a variety of colors and finishes. Beds in the English style are practical and comfortable, upholstered in durable fabric or leather. They are light in summer, warm in winter, and beautiful in a modern bedroom. The accessories bear the imprint of the designer's individuality. In the Domesca online store, you will find elegant mirrors, table lamps, innovative tableware, and even works of art. If you don't mind turning your apartment into an art gallery, don't ignore these dainty and whimsical items.


The name of the brand goes back to the legendary medieval master Theodore Alexander, but the real history of the company begins in 1996. Trademark founder Paul Maitland Smith spent part of his life in the East and remained a mysterious man until the end of his days. Brilliant abilities as an engineer and love for antique gloss allowed the elderly Mr. Smith to create a company with an original philosophy and an impeccable reputation. Over 25 years of development, Theodore has taken a strong position among luxury manufacturers. The brand's products have become a real revelation for the Asian market. Creating a European-style oasis in the jungles of Vietnam is now possible.

The introduction of the international brand Theodore into the American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame in 2019 became an eloquent testimony of popularity and success. In the same year, the company's management signed a cooperation agreement with Furniture Brands International. Theodore has reached a new level of development. The company produces quality items for the home, giving its customers a philosophy of life. Its essence lies in the fact that beauty will save the world. To achieve this, every member of the team (from the janitor to the CEO) strives for excellence in the workplace. That is why Theodore continues to delight demanding customers with creative finds and innovative solutions.