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LeisureMod Furniture

Are there many companies that use the ideas of their customers? LeisureMod is one of the few. It owes its success, among other things, to large-scale collaboration with amateur designers. You can send your ideas by e-mail, and it is possible that they will be implemented. The company creates original furniture for a wide range of purposes. You can choose the material, style, and color of the furniture. But whatever you prefer, do not doubt the excellent quality and comfort. A luxurious interior should and can be present in every home, in every room. This is the credo of LeisureMod, which hasn't changed in almost half a century.

LeisureMod designers believe that good taste should live in the smallest household item. The brand appreciates cooperation with people who have impeccable taste. Such communication helps LeisureMod to generate new ideas and constantly surprise customers around the world. LeisureMod designers believe that furniture in public places has its own gravity if it is made tastefully and cleverly. The company's products are aimed at home and business owners who love to surround themselves with beautiful things. You can always buy them in the Domesca online store.


LeisureMod gives extraordinary shapes to ordinary objects. The routine is canceled, as well as boredom and monotony. You will experience an unusual feeling sitting on a cylindrical ottoman or a spider web dining chair. The concept of the sofa is so sustainable that it's hard to undermine it, but the LeisureMod designers will surprise you here too. Relaxation furniture seems to float in the air, relying on a solid frame and the laws of physics. Some chairs look like large insects, others – like cozy cocoons, and others attract attention with checkered colors. Appreciate the unorthodox approach to office and rocking chairs, as well as options with cushion pads.

A bench in the form of a heating battery is no less comfortable to sit on than a habitual model. Standard and pretty strange bar stools from LeisureMod are at your service. The chess piece seat is hard to categorize, but it only stirs up the desire to sit on it. An octagonal coffee table with a transparent top or a diamond-shaped glass side table can rock your idea of furniture. Don't forget to evaluate outdoor furniture that will surprise you with its possibilities. Umbrellas and swing chairs, fire pits and deck chairs, conversation sets and couches from LeisureMod embody the incredible imagination of designers, without losing comfort. 


The ability to surprise is an inherent attribute of LeisureMod since its founding in 1984. It is not easy to do this for forty years, but the company is helped by tens of thousands of supporters. In the Middle Ages, alchemists were looking for the philosopher's stone and the elixir of eternal youth. LeisureMod designers are looking for an antidote to disposable culture. Judging by the constancy of change in every new piece of furniture, they already got it. The excellence of these comfort creators is based on the eternal search for true style, long-lasting taste, iconic aesthetics, and affordable price. The refined design is intended for people with refined outlooks.

The source of inspiration is the unrelenting love for beauty. Life does not stand still. The canons of beauty change with life. Catching a trend that is just about to appear is great art. LeisureMod designers have fully mastered this skill. They combine thoughtfulness with ease, grace, and artistry. This is manifested not only in pieces of furniture but also in decorative objects. A wall clock with an unusual design can be a great gift for a colleague or loved one. If you are for refined taste and against routine, LeisureMod works for you. Products of this brand are presented in the Domesca online store. True comfort is a luxury in everyday life.