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Ceiling Fans

If air circulation in the room is not efficient, ceiling fans are used. They work where desktop and floor ones fail. Devices of this kind provide an influx of fresh air - constantly, unobtrusively, and efficiently. Use them as a replacement or addition to air conditioners, which are known to have their drawbacks. You can choose a model that matches the interior design and your preferences. Domesca online store offers a large selection of high-quality and beautiful ceiling fans for every taste. One or several pieces? What size fan should I install in my lounge or bedroom? Our experts will be happy to answer these and other questions.

Fresh air is not a luxury, but a prerequisite for home and work comfort. Ceiling fans presented in the Domesca catalog differ in shape, size, the material of the fan blades, and technologies involved. We offer high-quality and reliable models with long service life. Use the remote control to turn on the device without getting up from your favorite chair. You can start air circulation on the way to the house if the fan is controlled online via a smartphone. You can also remotely control other functions presented in the model. A detailed list of features can be found in the product description. They are varied and very useful. Let's see what we have here. 

A mandatory requirement for ceiling fans is silent operation, not exceeding 35 dB. The reversible motor allows you to change the direction of rotation so that cold and warm air is evenly distributed throughout the room, complementing a quality air conditioner. Ceiling fan manufacturers refer to this feature as winter and summer modes. Another useful feature is the LED backlight. It helps to solve the problem of lighting in the room, emitting a soft and romantic light during the rotation of the blades. Choose from several color temperatures to suit your needs and mood. Daylight temperature mode allows you to read, saving on electricity consumption.

Plastic is the ideal blade material. It can take any form and color to imitate a certain style. The “tropical” ceiling fan is presented in the form of textured palm leaf blades, with LED lighting on the top of the axis, which has several color temperature settings. It will perfectly fit into the exotic style of your home. You can easily install a ceiling fan using one of three flexible installation ways for a variety of mounting options for low, high, or angled ceilings. Pay attention to the memory function that saves the last color temperature and rotation direction settings. Search and find other ceiling fans in our collection.

The product page contains the following important characteristics of the ceiling fan: pattern, color, dimensions, blade material, controller type and finish, number of blades, product weight, power, voltage, model name, certification, control method, manufacturer brand, sound level, special features, battery included and so on. The purpose of the model is also indicated: living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or office. Guided by these characteristics, you can easily find the best option for the interior of your home. Domesca experts will be happy to help you with this choice. 

Versatile ceiling fans are available in a wide variety of styles. Choose a charcoal blade finish if you prefer a formal or businesslike interior. Most models are equipped with remote control, including Wi-Fi. Use voice activation and control your home comfort instantly and effortlessly. Additional down rods allow you to customize the look of your fan for large and small spaces. Outlets and voltage vary by region, so you may need an adapter or converter for this product for use in your country. Some options are only for indoor or outdoor spaces, but most ceiling fans are designed to fit any environment.

Step-by-step instruction will allow you to easily install a ceiling fan in your apartment. We guarantee the exclusive quality, safety and ease of maintenance for each model presented in the catalog of our online store. We also recommend visiting “Home Remodeling”, “Furniture & Decor”, “Outdoor & Garage” and other sections. Order Domesca products at any time of the day or night. We will make sure that the ceiling fan you have purchased is delivered to your doorstep quickly and safely. Perfect comfort is available to everyone. Choose quality items for your home according to your taste and style.