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One of the most important devices in any room is a chandelier and lamps.  But the most problematic for every apartment owner is the installation of a chandelier. Many do not have knowledge of electricity and therefore turn to the services of specialists. Those who decide to make repairs on their own will need to not only connect the chandelier but also choose the right lighting components.  How the fixture will be mounted depends on the type of materials used and the design of the lighting fixture itself. Mountings are divided: wall, ceiling, mixed and built-in.  The most common option is the ceiling mount, which includes a hook-and-loop mount. At the Domesca online store, you will find components for various types of mounting and more.

When choosing the right lighting component, we advise you to pay attention to the following characteristics: manufacturer's nonsense, weight and dimensions of the item, style, design and color, power, voltage and luminous flux, radiation angle, power source, number of pieces in the kit, included components, used materials and special features. You will find this information on the product page in the Domesca catalog. We offer lighting components made of strong and durable materials that are resistant to moisture and sudden changes in temperature. They are safe for health and the environment, do not cause allergies and do not emit toxic substances, fully complying with international quality and emission standards. The kit includes the necessary mounting hardware, which will allow you to install the lighting component easily and simply. Use the step-by-step instructions or the services of Domesca experts. 

Gypsum fittings can be made in a wide variety of shapes, an easy-to-work material. It can be used in sconces and floor lamps, as well as chandeliers. Gypsum can be used to make very interesting cases of eclectic style. Wood is quite an exotic material for decorating lamps. The wooden lamp will look very original and interesting. This is a great option for a bedroom or living room. An eco-friendly material can be very durable with high-quality processes, but still, it cannot be recommended for a bathroom. The selection of elements for a spotlight must be approached with special attention. Decorative elements can be a ceiling, lampshade, overlay, and the like. We see it in the interior after installation. Sometimes it can be changed.  In our online store, you can also buy a case that performs frame and protective functions. The various light sources can also be seen in our assortment.  Its role is played by a lamp, which is purchased separately, or a built-in LED module.

A set of indicator LEDs is at your service. They are compatible with a variety of electronic devices, phototransistors, communication equipment, IR beam sensors, remote controls, and DIY circuit boards, and are designed for hobbies, science experiments and replacements. These components are characterized by low power consumption and low voltage, tiny bright light and micro-contacts, the number of which is indicated in the technical data sheet. We offer a wide range of dimmable equivalent full-color tunable lamps for indoor and outdoor use. They will help you plan your daily activities, wake up and sleep, and control your lighting when you are not at home. LED light bulbs come in a wide range of light, color and dimming, allowing you to control the mood anywhere in your home.

You might want air-tight LED gimbals with a choice of color, rotation and swivel. It is ideal for sloped ceilings and accent lighting in high humidity indoor and outdoor areas such as bathrooms, verandas and garages. These models are certified for contact with insulation in ceilings, are airtight and eliminate drafts. Choose any shade of color temperature from a variety of suggested options to create maximum comfort in your home. The dimming function from 100% to 5% allows you to adjust the brightness, making it ideal for any space, including kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway, closet, basement, etc. We offer a wide range of lighting configurations and options for many applications including schools, hospitals, offices, commercial spaces and more.

The most reliable and common mounting option is a hook mount. Since the hook will be mounted directly into the concrete slab, it is difficult to tear off such a chandelier model. A significant drawback is the inability to install chandeliers close to the ceiling. Although, on the other hand, in this case, you can count on a quick replacement of the lamp, which ensures the simplicity of the design. Hook fastening allows you to easily install the chandelier even in a room with stretch ceilings. It uses a dowel and a screw with a hook instead of a head, which can be firmly fixed in the ceiling.  After installing the upper part of the mount, the wires of the chandelier are connected and hung on the mounted hook.

A type of fastening to the bar is cross fastening, which is commonly used for chandeliers of heavy structures.  Since four dowels are used here, the strength of the system is doubled.  Self-expanding anchors are used to install chandeliers on concrete ceilings. All you need to do is drill a hole, insert the anchor and start screwing the bolt.  Wall lamps are more often installed on a drywall surface, and therefore they are fixed with ordinary screws. You will have to make holes in the concrete wall and use dowels. Particular attention deserves the fastening of recessed fixtures. Since the main part of the body is hidden behind the wall, they have a special design with springs. At Domesca you can buy these and many other lighting components today!