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J&M Furniture

Is it possible to reach the limit of perfection when it comes to comfort? Is it necessary to put an end to the desire to make life more beautiful and sustainable? If you are in constant search of new solutions for your home and office, you need J&M. Every year, the company proves once again that the durability and elegance of furniture can be improved. J&M sets high-quality standards, preferring time-tested materials, that enhance the client's prestige. Leather sofas will always look fashionable and presentable as they are made by experienced Italian craftsmen. Oak veneer will never become obsolete if a Master with a capital “M” had a hand in a coffee table with such a coating.

If you are above the ordinary, the premium furniture of J&M is created for you. The company offers luxury with taste, and durability of every detail. Furniture for lounges, bedrooms, dining rooms, and workspaces is created by experienced craftsmen from Portugal and Italy. Feel the taste of authentic European tradition in sectionals, sofa beds, chair beds, TV stands, and furniture sets. The dining room can be transformed into a gallant salon by furnishing it with an elm wall unit with glass shelves, or ultra-modern bar stools. The combination of precious wood and glass is the company's trademark in furniture for various purposes.


The luxury of a sophisticated style is manifested in the furniture sets of J&M. Star Modern Dining with a snow-white crystal glass top will appeal to supporters of the aristocratic approach to interior modeling. Contemporary design combines elegance and comfort, regardless of style and degree of spirituality. J&M furniture set is a unity of design and color. Preference is given to shades of the black and white palette, however, there are pieces of pumpkin-colored upholstered furniture. A modern bedroom can look original and cozy at the same time. A large selection of bedroom furniture sets – the Sanremo, Braga, Amora, Turin, Porto, Lisbon, Palermo, Florence, Milan, Rome, Verona, Naples, Lucca, Atrium, and other styles – is at your service.

Photographic pictures will enliven your interior and make it more original. Wall art is a great way to create the right mood in a room. Take advantage of the brand's offers and decorate your home and office with high-quality and original masterpieces. There is a wide choice of themes – flowers, urban landscape, exotic landscapes, and erotic scenes. J&M furniture and wall art are in great demand among the owners of hotels, hospitals, nightclubs, and restaurants. You can order single items or the entire interior. Domesca experts will be happy to help you choose furniture set and a photographic painting that matches the interior of your living room, bedroom, dining room, and workspace. 


J&M was founded in 1999. From the first days of its existence, the brand has taken a course on modern trends in the art of interior design. J&M has preserved and developed the best traditions of old Europe in premium furniture collections from Italy and Portugal. Times change, but the brand concept remains the same – attention to every detail, personalized approach to each client, and creating an atmosphere of refined pleasure. J&M designers are not inclined to conservatism. Good taste is not at odds with innovation and unexpected creativity. Bold technical experiments lead to the creation of modern and cozy pieces of furniture and decor. 

Coffee and dining tables, TV stands, and elegant sideboards will look easy and enjoyable. Domesca experts recommend paying attention to bedroom furniture inspired by the traditions of Italian and Portuguese cities. The design of each bed is unique and filled with inner harmony. Complete the bedroom interior with an elegant bedside table and a wall masterpiece. Continue to style your home in the aristocratic spirit with a premium sectional, fabric or leather sofa, glass, and fine wood console table. Complete the harmony with a comfortable office chair and desk. Comfort from J&M is a delectation of every moment of life. Today it is available at the Domesca online store.