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The TV screen has long been a window to the world for many people. We draw information about what is happening around us from news reports, even if we ourselves are witnesses or participants in the event. Only in recent years, trust in television has been shaken, due to the spread of the Internet. This happened when the screen diagonal and picture quality reached their maximum, and numerous TV channels do not get tired to amaze with ingenuity and variety. But media technologies and the Internet have adapted to the plasma panel. So people disillusioned with television do not need to cover the screen with a sheet or drag it to the attic. 

Order your favorite movies and clips online, and watch masterpieces from your own media collection. Finally, television has not yet given up and may surprise us with unexpected solutions. A huge plasma screen can be hung on a wall or put on any table, but it is not a source of digital information. Media centers occupy a certain, sometimes impressive place, and this is not a wardrobe or a side table. For expensive equipment, you need special furniture, which you will find in the Domesca online store. When you look at the screen, out of the corner of your eye, you involuntarily appreciate the quality and aesthetics of household items that serve as storage for players and computer units, speakers, and libraries for discs and records. 

Some “museum” technologies continue to be used due to their vintage and time connection. If you value convenience, choose something that is comfortable. Clients who prefer stylistic harmony can look for TV stands or media centers that match their interior designs. The product page lists basic information: manufacturer's brand, product weight and dimensions, finish type, service recommendations, included components, and special features. All our models are made of durable and environmentally friendly materials that are safe for health and the environment. You can order a TV stand and a media center in different styles. 

The plasma panel looks stylish above the Victorian furniture, contrasting with what this screen shows. TVs of all sizes fit perfectly into a classic and artsy interior. It all depends on the personal preferences of the owner. The kit may include bookcases on which you will place a rich collection of videotapes and CDs. They, like columns, will decorate the TV from the sides, reminding the true values in the titles of the masterpieces. TV stands with drawers will make the room more solid, and open bookcases will relax guests and arouse their curiosity. Interesting is the option that imitates a flame in a fireplace, as well as a model hanging over the floor. 

The TV stand can be on legs or tapering at the back, high or low, wooden or plastic, dark or light in color. Pay attention to the model with a built-in artificial fireplace. You can adjust the warmth and brightness of the flame for maximum comfort in your living room. On either side of the fireplace there are glass shelves that store everything you need for movie night while giving you the ambiance of a fire with the touch of a remote. When choosing a model, consider the proportion of your screen and the TV stand you are going to purchase. TV stands and media centers are delivered flat to the customer's doorstep. They are easily assembled by two adults, without additional tools and skills. 

We offer a wide variety of designs. A TV stand with open shelves will fit perfectly into a modern or industrial style, while a traditional squat cabinet with doors will complement the harmony of a classic interior. Pay attention to the model with carved wooden doors and intricately cast door pulls, which will perfectly fit into the antique style of the dwelling. Consider also the color combination with curtains, wallpaper and other pieces of furniture. A large media center can also be a closet for storing linen, dishes or books. Use this option to save space in your living room.

The functional model can have a reliable mounting system for the plasma screen. Use this option if you do not want to hang the panel on the wall. The advantage of this design is mobility. Take it to any room where you want to watch the news or the premiere of a blockbuster. A TV stand or media center does not claim to be sacred, but it can become a place around which a family gathers to discuss important issues and make decisions. That is why the furniture for this purpose is decorated with a vase of flowers, a family photo, or a beautiful figurine. In Domesca online store you will find many practical and elegant TV stands and media centers. Visit other sections of the catalog: “Living Room Furniture Sets”, “Shelves and Bookshelves”, and so on.