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In the 15th century in France, people called a sideboard a low cupboard for plates and bottles. The closet usually had two compartments with doors that were locked, and it was the place where rich nobles were keeping expensive porcelain and silver dishes.  The word "buffet" comes from the Latin "bufetum", which means "shiny table". The French buffet was so useful that wealthy people from other European countries also wanted to buy this piece of furniture for themselves. Later, such kitchen cabinets appeared in middle-class houses. The meaning of the word sideboard has greatly expanded today. Now it has many other compartments where we can put not only dishes but also fold other necessities. The sideboard is still popular and good house owners use them to decorate their apartments. And if you decide to add this interior element to your home, the products from the "Buffets & Sideboards" section will help you with this mission.

The main task of the sideboard was to store dishes, forks, spoons, napkins, stemwares, salt shakers, and other table-setting items. The times when this thing was only in the kitchen are already behind. Now it’s used in many other areas, mainly in the living room, and adds solidity and presentability to it. Thanks to its function, the sideboard always remains relevant, only its design changes according to fashion trends. At the Domesca online store, you will find both minimalistic oak models and high-tech glass sideboards. Depending on the shape and area of ​​​​your room, we offer you standard, corner, and modular options. Modern manufacturers prefer to constantly bring something new to their products and add interesting elements to your room. Therefore, if you want to buy an unusual, but at the same time stylish sideboard, pay attention to models from several materials (for example, glass with MDF, or wood with plastic).

It is difficult to imagine a piece of furniture that would bring more comfort and coziness into the interior than a buffet. Why did they become so popular again? First of all, it is necessary to note their external attractiveness and undoubted showiness. The huge variability of internal content, shapes, designs, and materials opens up fantastic opportunities in terms of design and placement of interior accents. Buffets at Domesca can be closed and opened, corner and serving, decorative and ergonomic, made of stained glass, wooden, etc. It is also worth mentioning the functionality of this piece of furniture. In the lower, traditionally closed part, you can store various small appliances, and decorate the shelves at eye level with vases with wildflowers, beautiful dishes, and other pleasant trifles.

So what is the difference between a buffet and a sideboard? What functions are different and which are similar? Such a product as a sideboard is considered the most massive, unlike others with the same functionality. Despite a resemblance with the sideboard, which becomes the main difficulty, the buffet is taller and larger. Most often, the buffet has three sections, and the sideboard has two. Both designs have an upper tier with shelves that are closed with glass doors and a lower tier. There are no differences in functionality - both cabinets are necessary to put beautiful doodads behind the glass doors or hide some part of the inventory in a closed cabinet. We hope that now you definitely will not go wrong with the choice. Moreover, when buying at Domesca, it is almost impossible to do this.

Style is an important selection criterion: whether Scandinavian, industrial, vintage or modern, it must fit into the overall look of the house. Soon after you start your search for a buffet at Domesca, you will find out that there are a large number of options available.  When buying, you should take into account some standards such as use (number of shelves, cabinets, drawers, height), types (low or high sideboard, wall or floor installation), styles, materials, placement, trends, and other possibilities. Usually, the first thing our customers pay attention to is the height of the product.  Buffets are low and high. The most significant advantage of low options is that the storage compartments are easily accessible and can be used to display household items. High buffets are best for optimizing space. Drawers and other compartments provide more storage options: tablecloths, dishes, and other household items are arranged in their places and at the same time remain easily accessible

Interior designers never stop creating and do their best to surprise consumers. One of the most unusual and innovative sideboard options is the wall-mounted sideboard. Installing wall cabinets is more difficult and requires more effort, but the lack of legs adds a modern touch and helps create a minimalist style in your home or workspace. They also allow easier floor cleaning. Speaking about the form of products, it is worth noting the main ones. Sideboards of a classic rectangular shape can be placed separately or close to other furniture. They are roomy and versatile, suitable for storing products, dishes, and different kitchen appliances. A direct cabinet can be built-in, small or huge.

In our catalog, you can also find sideboards with radius facades. They seem graceful, even if they are big.  They can set the tone for the entire interior, often becoming its main accent. Such a model is always placed separately from other pieces of furniture, so it needs space. To use the usually empty corner, you can buy a corner sideboard, which will perfectly fit into the overall picture of your room. A two-sided sideboard is a thing that zones open-plan housing, it is a cabinet above which there are shelves accessible from both sides. Thanks to this solution, the buffet does not clutter up the space, combining utility and decor. If we have interested you in purchasing some model of sideboard or s, we will be happy to present you with our best options of the highest quality.