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From the earliest times of human history, two phenomena have determined the quality of home comfort – the source of fire and the bed. Both of them have been improved over time and have survived to this day, transformed beyond recognition. The source of the fire is carefully preserved in wealthy estates, but in most modern apartments it has been replaced by a TV screen. Opposite it must be a sofa or couch. It is difficult to imagine a comfortable stay without it. Even in the most modest dwellings, there is always some kind of couch or sofa. But it is better if your apartment has several pieces of this furniture. 

And let them be different in size and design, but equally comfortable for you and your guests. The more sofas and couches in your house, the more friends you can accept. In the catalog of the Domesca online store, you will find sofas and couches for every taste. Our experts recommend you start choosing not the size or design, but the upholstery. Feel the sofa with your own skin, because it will experience comfort foremost. This piece of furniture can be upholstered with different materials that are appropriate in different situations. A leather sofa is relevant in official institutions, offices, and commercial premises. If you want to put a couch in the kitchen, a model upholstered in leatherette will be very appropriate.

The choice of material is inextricably linked with the purpose of the piece of furniture. These options are listed on the product page. There you can also get information about the brand of the manufacturer, dimensions, weight, seat and back height, form factor, shade, included components and special features. Some models require assembly. In this case, a detailed user manual is included. The form factor indicates whether the furniture is sectional. The number of components is also indicated on the product page. Wheelbase belongs to the special features. You can find sectional couches and sofas in a special section of the Domesca online store.

Each of our models is designed with a strong frame, wrapped in supportive foam cushioning and durable woven fabric. Supportive, dense foam cushioning is made from safe and environmentally friendly materials that meet stringent quality and emission standards. Relax on cushions with ultra supportive and pocketed coils. The upholstery is made of polyester or polyurethane fabric. Look for velvet or suede pillowcases that are easy to remove and wash. Cushions are also easy to clean with a clean, damp cloth and mild detergent. Choose a shade that will fit into the harmony of your interior. Elegant rolled arms complete the splendor of comfort. 

Leather sofa looks respectable and is easy to clean after repeated contact with numerous fingers, pants, skirts, shorts, and even boots. You can use less expensive leatherette, polyester, and other flexible plastics. Such sofas can be placed on the veranda, terrace, and any open space, without fear of moisture, soiling, sun rays, and temperature changes. A couch is very often covered with synthetic material. As a rule, it is located in medical offices and massage parlors. The home couch resembles the ancient Greek kline and may have richly carved decorations. Modern manufacturers offer many transitional options from the couch to the sofa, as well as multifunctional pieces of furniture. 

With a few graceful moves, you can turn a sofa into a chair. Dark monochrome upholstery is more appropriate in the office of a big boss. At home, it is better to put light-colored furniture with fancy patterns on the surface. Domesca online store is ready to offer its customers a wide variety of designs, upholstery materials, ornaments, and decorative elements. With us, you will find couches and sofas in different sizes and shapes to meet the needs of your home. Are assembly tools required? Invite a friend to visit, and with four hands you will assemble the sofa faster than you eat breakfast. Everything is very simple here, without additional skills or tools.

Couches are available on a wooden or metal frame. The second option is very practical, even for sofas, allowing you to withstand the considerable weight and very frivolous movements. Furniture with wooden or metal legs from reliable manufacturers is very stable. The bottom space can be converted to store rarely used items, but your cat may also like this nook. If you are not satisfied with the range of “Sofas and Couches”, visit other categories – “Loveseats”, “Pouffes and Ottomans”, “Shelves and Bookcases”, “Living Room Furniture Sets”, “Console Tables”, “Coffee Tables”, and others. We will help you create maximum comfort in any room, regardless of size or purpose.