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Baxton Furniture

Baxton Studio is a Chicago-based division of Wholesale Interiors, Inc. The Baxton Studio line of furniture was designed to be high quality, have the ability to withstand shipping across the United States, and have a modern appearance. Baxton is the unity of style in all rooms. Each client can equip the living room, bedroom, and hallway with furniture in the same style and color. Baxton is the constant of style. The color and style of the company's basic collections remain unchanged. Even several years after the purchase of furniture, it is possible to buy suitable modules and refresh the interior. Baxton provides a full range of services for creating practical designer rooms that will free up customers' time. The brand team creates an elegant and functional space that inspires and makes life comfortable.

Baxton is a guide to a world of high quality, where modern technology solves daily tasks and customers can enjoy their free time. The company's employees continue to learn how to be magicians for their customers, but already today they realize their dreams, helping to raise the quality of everyday life to a new level. The company's extensive experience in the field of design allows the brand to create the most comfortable conditions for interaction between the customer and the designer, in which each stage of work is structured correctly and understandable to both parts. Baxton's mission is to be the best in creating a favorable living environment for modern people, constantly developing and turning into reality the brightest ideas and dreams.  


Like any successful company, Baxton has its own values. First, there are the clients. The dreams and goals of buyers are what inspire the brand to look for new solutions, and designs while maintaining high quality. Every time brand employees meet a new client, Baxton starts a new story. Furniture accompanies people throughout their life, and for everone, the company finds the best companion. The basis of all processes is employees, who are another value of Baxton. With their knowledge, ideas, and desire to develop, the development of the entire company takes place. They are the ones who build the right relationships with customers and partners, make products, improve technologies, and enhance processes. Baxton is inspired and united by a common idea of people from different cities, professions, ages, and different backgrounds, but similar in their attitude to work.

For Baxton, technology is a continuous search for ideas and effective solutions: in the design and construction of furniture, in materials, operation of equipment and personnel. Baxton manufactures exclusively high-quality and functional furniture. This is the competitive advantage of the company, largely achieved through technology. The Baxton team is looking for new, more efficient solutions: in the creation and structure of furnishings, in the operation of equipment, and new materials, the planning of production operations, personnel work, information flow management, logistics, and service. In recent years, there has been a trend towards the manufacture of Baxton furniture according to individual projects.


To make reliable furniture, reliable partners who are ready to respond quickly and solve any issue are needed. For many years, Baxton has been cooperating with leading manufacturers of woodworking equipment, the best suppliers of materials and components for furniture production, advanced technology developers, and engineering companies. Thanks to the collaboration and continuous dialogue, the brand's products meet the highest quality standards and are so in demand on the world furniture market. Partnership with the best, based on mutual trust, is the value and principle of the company. The Baxton team helps to find something that will make the buyer's home more beautiful and comfortable, and life better. 

The Baxton company creates a space for a comfortable life for a modern person. Filling homes with harmony, style, and convenience, Baxton brings joy and pleasure to thousands of people. A team of professional designers is working on the creation of interior solutions and furniture collections. Always open to experimentation, they are not afraid to offer and implement ideas that allow them to take a fresh look at the world. Constantly improving technologies and introducing innovative solutions, the brand offers customers high-quality products in a short time. The models embody the perfect balance between design and ergonomics. The brand cooperates only with world leaders in the production of materials, accessories, and fittings, which allows it to be deservedly considered elite.