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The trend of rugs in the house does not leave at any time - only the shade, size, and shape of the product change. The carpet in the interior can play a very important role and become the highlight of your apartment. A modern rug is an aesthetic, a pleasure for the eyes, and the final touch in decorating the room of your dreams. With the help of a carpet, we can adjust the size of the room, and choose a certain style or manner of the owners. In modern designs and decorations of rooms, bright carpets are often used, which can emphasize one or another accent of the space. Carpeting from the "Accent Rugs" section will become the guarantee of harmony, comfort, and strong energy in your home. 

So what is this model good for? We strongly recommend that you do not ignore the product information provided on the home page. Here you'll find the manufacturer's brand, construction type, color, accent rug weight, item measurements including thickness, care instructions, materials and fabrics used, stain resistance, components included, and special features. Care instructions refer to whether the item is machine washable or can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, warm water and soap. Take a look at our versatile models. They are dirt-repellent, light weight and low lint, and perfect for any space.

Such carpets are chosen to visually zone the room, or they are selected in a specialized room to create an accent moment (in the bathroom, nursery, bedroom). And bright carpets are in special demand. Most often, their composition of materials is not natural. This is because the artificial element is easier to dye, and it will not fade in the sun or wash off so quickly. This is one of the possible options in which the carpet will play the role of a color accent in the overall interior of the place. For the living room and bedroom, which are made in neutral colors, such an accent moment in the form of a bright rug is perfect. 

It should be mixed with other textiles in the room (pillows, curtains, etc.), which are also available at Domesca. As a result, you will have an incredible atmosphere in the room, which will bring you strength and motivation. Please note that all our models are made of durable and environmentally friendly materials, in full compliance with international quality and safety standards. Thoughtful design ensures the rug will look great in high traffic areas (such as hallways and living rooms), while high quality synthetic materials are carefully selected to resist common spills and stains. To maintain the integrity of the product, professional dry cleaning is recommended.

The carpet can transform the spirit of the living room, but for this, you need to choose the right accent rug. It’s essential to mention that the product should be not only practical but also effective. In addition, it must harmoniously fit into the finished interior of your apartment. In large living rooms, oval and round carpet models will be good. It would be more valid to spread them on the floor in such a way that the main part lies in the area where the soft corner is placed, without taking too much space beyond it. An oval rug will look wonderful in a large living room. The Moroccan model, available in a variety of colors and shapes, will be perfect for every room and space in your home.

Small items are better to put near the fireplace, under an unusually shaped table. There can be several carpets of this type in the living room at one time, and they must be of the same type. Taking into account the style of the interior in which the room is decorated, at Domesca you can choose liked color and shape from our huge assortment. It will depend on how a bright carpet can fit into the overall atmosphere. Such a colorful accent is perfect for a minimalist style, which is designed for a minimum of furniture and a maximum of functionality. If your interior is furnished in a modern style, it is best to match the color of the carpet to the palette of textile curtains and pillows. 

Together, they will harmonize and create a great atmosphere in the room. In our online store, you will find the desired accent rug that will bring you joy and comfort for a long time. We are pleased to provide you with only the best and highest quality products. Regardless of the style, size and materials used, we guarantee reasonable prices for the models and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit “Home Bar”, “Man Cave”, “One of a Kind Rugs”, and other sections of our online store. Order our accent rugs and other home items at any time of the day or night. We appreciate your trust, so we offer products from the world's best manufacturers.