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Ceiling Lights

Elegant™ - Sydney 1202D Pendant


$2,088.00 - $3,246.00

Today, the number of offers for ceiling lamps is really surprising. It’s quite difficult to find a lamp that will not only be attractive but also meet all technical requirements. You need to pay attention to the size of the product, its design, and shape, the height of the room, and other points. But do not be afraid of such a list, because together with Domesca you can turn the search for the right lamp into an exciting experience. Flipping through the pages of our online store, you’ll be amazed by the aesthetics and practicality of the models that suit you.

Do you have low ceilings and a small room area? Don't want to spend time cleaning the lamp from dust? Then the lights built into the ceiling will be the perfect choice for your home. These options are used in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. You can experiment with their forms throughout the house if it’s difficult for you to decide on a single style. In addition, such models can become not only the main source of light but also an additional one in large rooms. The range in Domesca is so large that you can choose an unlimited number of elements and create interesting compositional design solutions.

If you have decided for yourself that you want to make an elegant accent on the lamp, then Domesca will realize your ideas with the help of pendant lights. The choice of materials pleasantly surprises: crystal, glass, a combination of the metal with plastic or wood, and others. Therefore, there are so many fans of such a light source because there is an option that will satisfy even the most whimsical client. Often, several compact chandeliers are installed at once over kitchen tables to create not only a diffused general light but also a directed one.

Have you been thinking about buying a chandelier for a long time, but are you afraid that it will look too bulky and pretentious? In our online store, all your doubts will be dispelled instantly as soon as you see something that can fit perfectly into your space. For a traditional interior, classic modern chandeliers will be a chic addition. They not only create an unforgettable bright atmosphere but also add a final, decisive touch to the apartment. Choose a model that fits the curtains and wallpaper to make sure your purchase will be perfect.

Lighting in the office must be comfortable. And comfortable conditions create a favorable atmosphere for productive work. Therefore, it is not in vain that special lamps are ordered to the most prestigious offices that meet strict standards. Overhead lamps are considered to be the most optimal solution. Raster and spotlights are also very popular in offices. Both options don’t attract too much attention and stand out for their functionality, but spotlights are still better to use in aisles and corridors. Take care of the well-being of the working space with the help of Domesca.

Ceiling fans are a lifesaver in homes without a thermostat. And today, the color and design variability allows you to choose the model that matches the aesthetics of the room. For big areas, we recommend choosing either one large or several medium options to ensure optimal airflow. Such an ergonomic and efficient option is often used in both houses and offices because maintaining a pleasant climate is essential everywhere. And by choosing a ceiling fan with lighting, you will expand the possibilities of its use. In such devices, it can be so powerful that they may become the main source of light.

The section "Ceiling Lights" is rich in various options that will dilute your room and bring even more originality to it. Shadow casting ceilings will help you not only add romance to the home but also immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fairy tale. The spectacular and subtle structure will make your evening mysterious, every time you turn on the light in the room. This is a kind of art accessible to everyone. Domesca makes sure that any of your ideas will end up in your house and please you for a long time.