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Home comfort is hard to imagine without good air circulation. It is provided by ceiling fans. They work where the use of air conditioning is unprofitable or not very healthy. The ceiling fan operates silently, safely, and efficiently. However, fresh air circulation is not the only function that this unit can provide. Ceiling fans with lights are at your service. Rotating chandeliers are increasingly appearing in modern interiors. Why install a chandelier and a fan separately on the ceiling, wasting time, energy, and money? You can combine these two units. Equipped with smart controls, the ceiling fan with lights perfectly performs the functions of air circulation and lighting. Our experts will help you choose what you need.

The Domesca online store offers a large selection of ceiling fan light kits for every taste. We care not only about physical comfort and stylistic unity but also about the costs of our clients. Almost all presented models are based on energy-saving technologies that are safe for health and for the household. You will find information about this in the product description, along with other characteristics, such as product size and weight, voltage, power, number of light sources, color, shade material, controller type, and manufacturer's brand. The kit may include shades, lamps with a base of a certain format, installation instructions, and mounting equipment. Keep in mind that outlets and voltages vary by country, so an adapter or converter may be required. 

Our models are made of durable and reliable materials that are safe for health and the environment. They are non-toxic and non-allergenic, have passed the rigorous tests of time, are licensed and fully comply with international quality and purpose standards. Please note that ceiling fan light sets for outdoor use are different from those used indoors. Models for outdoor and special conditions are made of materials that are resistant to rust, moisture, dirt, sand, temperature changes and mechanical damage. We recommend considering these features when choosing a model. Many ceiling fan light sets are universal. They will function perfectly in rooms for various purposes, saving you money, effort and time. In a room where a ceiling fan with light is installed, you do not need to buy a chandelier or a pedant.

Most of the models in this category are equipped with LED lamps. This is a modern and energy-saving solution. Contemporary LEDs can be very bright, allowing you to read, write and do fine manual work. Adjust lighting settings to your needs with remote control or smartphone. It is very easy to do this through the application and additional drivers that can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. You will find step-by-step instructions in the technical documentation of the model. Our online store experts are also ready to help. We guarantee full technical support of the client at all stages of cooperation. Creating comfort is easy if you buy from the right place.

Ceiling fan light sets can be controlled remotely or via a traditional chain. Choose this option if you prefer to decorate the interior of your room in a classic style. Paired with luxurious frosted ribbed glass lampshades, the ceiling fan will look beautiful in a variety of spaces. A wide variety of lampshades and finishes are at your service. You might like the lampshade in the form of a tea-stained glass bowl with a chain dangling from the top. Such a model will ideally fit into the bedroom, children's room or den. The design solutions of creative brands using brushed nickel finishes and various forms of fitters look very modern. The number of lamps may vary. The brighter the room is planned, the more light sources should be in it. 

Like other household items, a ceiling fan light set should fit into the style of the interior. There are models for offices and other business premises designed in a classic style. Choose a flush mount ceiling fan light kit for a small room. Farmhouse-style models with retractable blades and a protective grill are at your service. This option is suitable for a café, land-based casino, or other public space stylized to resemble a village pub. We offer a wide range of design solutions for lovers of exotic, Scandinavian, or Oriental interiors. By the way, the protective mesh included in the kit is appropriate in the home gym, fitness center, and game room. Control brightness and color temperature without rising from the chair with a remote control or smartphone. 

A ceiling fan with light can be a true design masterpiece. Pay attention to the model in the form of a lotus in a gold patina. A product with two blades connected by a curved tube looks very elegant. Regardless of design and style, ceiling fan light kits are easy to install with no additional skills or tools required. Most models are universal, and compatible with LED and incandescent lamps. You can control your ceiling fan light with a chain. It is included in some models. Pay attention to the finish of the lampshade. You might like the frosted ribbed glass that is available in our collection in a variety of shades. We guarantee impeccable quality and safe delivery of our goods to any place in the shortest possible time.