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Bathroom accessories help to equip your daily life, but their role is not limited to this. Such items are also created in order to complement the interior of the bathroom, to make it more interesting and voluminous. That is why the choice of accessories should be given no less attention than the choice of tiles or plumbing. Regardless of what materials you choose your bathroom accessories from, remember a few rules that you should follow when buying such products. The main tip is the unity of color and design. If you buy all the necessary accessories at once, it is better to take them in a set. Many manufacturers have them. For example, the Oggetti brand, as part of the collection, offers ready-made sets of containers for storing bathroom accessories.

If the set compiled by the manufacturer does not suit you, you can buy all the necessary items separately. So that they do not differ from each other, it is better to choose products of the same brand, ideally from the same collection. So you get a harmonious ensemble that will look like a single whole. But if this is not possible and you have to choose from different manufacturers, look for items in the same color scheme and with the most similar design. Many toothbrush holders have a wall mount that not only keeps the accessory in one position but also frees up space on the sink. If the fastening is not provided, make sure that the model you like is stable and will not turn over from the slightest movement. 

A soap dish is a bathroom accessory that provides an area for storing your bar of soap. They are round and oval, with or without fixation on the wall. The choice of form and design is a matter of taste. The main requirement for such an accessory is an embossed bottom or a flat one, but with a small recess that will collect the remaining water and prevent soap from sticking. Paper holders can open and close. The former consists of a wall mount and a horizontal bar for fixing the roll, the latter has a housing in which the paper is located. The open holder is more convenient to use and can hang a roll of any shape and size on it. The main advantage of closed models is the protection of paper from water splashes, but it is not very convenient to change rolls in it.

For maximum convenience, each bathroom has shelves on which various accessories are placed. They come in a variety of styles and materials, so you are sure to find one that suits your style and needs. When choosing the right shelves for your space, consider the size of your bathroom and what type of items you plan on storing. Wall-mounted shelves provide extra storage while still allowing plenty of room to move around. Hanging shelves with towel racks are the most aesthetic and reliable option when it comes to stainless steel models with high-quality fasteners. If you have limited wall space, corner units or freestanding shelves may be more suitable as they can fit into even the tightest spaces. Homary offers such options.

A towel rack is one of the most necessary attributes of the bathroom. This is a handy bathroom accessory that can be installed on the wall, on the door, and even on the floor - it depends on your preferences and interior design. Not only do towel racks give you a place to keep your towels organized, but they can also add decorative value to your bathroom. Many models come in different materials and styles, so it's easy to find one that matches the look of your bathroom. If you have kids, towel racks with lower hanging levels can make it easier for them to reach their towels. There are metal and brass towel holders in the Domesca catalog. When selecting such an important product, consider where it will best serve its purpose while complementing the style of your space. 

When designing a bathroom, you need to think not only about how to choose accessories but also about how to properly place them in the room. After all, the comfort of their use depends on the skillful distribution of supplements. Therefore, when decorating a room, start placing the most important elements first. They need to be placed so that they are within arm's reach: for example, the towel holder should be close to the shower or bath; shampoos, gels, and cosmetics should occupy a shelf in the shower or bath; products for teeth caring should be in a locker or on a shelf near the sink, but away from the toilet bowl; hanging cabinets and shelves should be placed so that they do not interfere with the passage and no one hits their heads on them.

A bathroom is a small space that houses sanitary equipment, furniture, and appliances. Therefore, accessories should not take up much space. The choice of such elements is a responsible task, which requires taking into account such criteria as comfort, execution style, color, shape, the practicality of the piece of furniture, and the taste of the owner. Accessories can act as an accent that brings bright colors to the interior but only if the bathroom is decorated in a restrained color scheme. The main thing is not to overdo it and not turn the room into a colorful spot. All items must be in the same style and match the design of the bathroom. Together with the constantly updated Domesсa catalog, each customer will be able to find the perfect bathroom accessory. For the best bathroom arrangement, you can also visit our Bathroom category.