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The bedroom is a space where people relax, gain strength, and make plans. Here many happy moments take place. That’s why the arrangement of this room should be special. A nightstand or a table gracefully decorates the bedroom and creates comfort in it. These are not only decorative elements of the bedroom but also functional items that make the sleeping area much more comfortable. Imagine how easier it becomes when you go to bed, and you do not need to get up to carry a book or a glass of water to the other end of the room. Choosing a beautiful and functional nightstand is not as easy as it seems. When selecting perfect models, many issues arise about design, height, and so on. In the "Nightstands & Tables" section you’ll not only find answers to your questions, but you will be able to fulfill your desires. Together with Domesca, you can make the right choice, which will serve you for many years.

The color of the nightstand and table should be in harmony with the color of the bed, carpet, wall, or differ, but not more than one tone. However, if you know that you deal successfully with combining even the most unexpected colors, then you  should add a little expressionism to your bedroom. But if you still do not want to take risks, we advise you to choose nightstands and tables according to the style of the room. For a sophisticated luxurious bed, you can pick up a table in a minimalist style, which should be concise and without unnecessary decor. If you are a fan of the baroque style, then a nightstand with curved legs in the bedroom is a wonderful choice. And in high-tech style, bedside tables made of metal and natural wood look really great.

When choosing the appropriate size of the bedside table you should focus on the free space in the room. If you have a small apartment, select tiny bedside tables with functional drawers. For those who take care of every centimeter of their room, we recommend paying attention to the bedside table with doors. It will help to keep the room in order and hide the essentials. For a large area, of course, there are no restrictions, but ideally, the bedside table should be the same height as the bed. It is comfortable, practical, and beautiful. If the table is too high, it hides the view from the bed and will not be ergonomic. The depth of the nightstand is selected depending on how you are going to use it. However, pay attention to the fact that a nightstand that is too deep can block access to the bed.

Side tables should be made of the same material as the main decor elements of the room. The Domesca online store has models made of different textures of wood, as well as glass and metal. They will fit into any interior, and combinations of various styles look especially advantageous. Don't know what suits you better: a nightstand or a table? Nightstands are more spacious and save space. However, interior designers note that the tables leave more free space and do not litter it. In addition, tables are suitable for areas in a minimalist style. Designers also believe that you need to put bedside furniture on both sides of the bed to achieve symmetry. And Domesca is happy to provide you with a large assortment of its models in the amount you need!

Functionality is another point to consider when buying bedroom equipment. It is especially important to pay attention to the functionality of the nightstands and tables if the bedroom has modest dimensions. In this case, it makes sense to pay attention to the most ergonomic models. Environmental friendliness is not the last important factor that should be taken into account when choosing furniture for the bedroom. People often buy cheaper options, but this is a case where trying to save money on a purchase may not justify itself. Quality nightstand is more expensive, but lasts much longer, besides, as a rule, it is made of safer materials for customers. The modern market offers an amazing variety of nightstands and tables in different types, colors, and shapes, so you don't have to choose between quality and visual appeal.

If a few years ago, designers strongly recommended choosing a bedside table exclusively in the same style as the headboard, today they allow a mixture of styles, but within reason, of course. Gray and glossy white cabinets remain a universal option, which can successfully fit into any style of interior. It is clear that the style of the cabinet and table is selected depending on the overall decor of the bedroom.  Minimalist products are simple geometric shapes without decor and frills. The nightstand can be made of wood but in this style, it does not have carving elements or painted in one color. The mounted model is a good and interesting option. Glass and wood in black, and white colors, shades of gray, and milky can be used as a material.

High-tech also implies the clarity of forms and the absence of all sorts of curls. Tables with chrome elements, metal frames, and glass tops, which are available in our catalog, are perfect. Nightstands and tables in the classical style involve the use of wood with carved elements. Antique models, massive squat cabinets, as well as products upholstered in leather in soothing light and dark shades, will look harmonious. The country style involves the use of simple massive pedestals, preferably made of wood or materials similar to it. Scandinavian style - these are simple white cabinets made of wood. We offer you these and other options with a different number of decorative elements that can transform your bedroom.