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Harbour Furniture

Practical things from practical people. These words best describe the creed of the Australian brand Harbour. The successful development of the family business from a modest workshop in Sydney to the world level is quite natural for those who have something to offer the world. Whatever miracles advertising promises, high quality and absolute comfort of home furniture can only be provided by experienced craftsmen who have inherited the secrets of their art from their fathers. This is exactly what happened with Harbour. The basis of the success of this brand was the understanding of what outdoor furniture (which is open to all winds) should be. The Australian climate is quite unpredictable, and the founders of Harbour have learned how to produce truly durable items for the home.

But the harsh Australian climate is able to grow more than just sturdy guys who produce the same tables and chairs. Harbour offers exquisite silhouettes and unique designs that are sure to appeal to connoisseurs of real home comfort. Quality and stylish outdoor furniture is not the only offer of the famous Australian manufacturer. In the brand's portfolio, discerning buyers will find a large selection of comfortable and elegant home furnishings for the bedroom, storage, kitchen, dining room and living room. The Harbour products are designed for those who love their dwelling and their family. The dream of perfect home comfort is achievable today with quality and modern pieces of furniture. The furniture brand from Australia guarantees it.


Inside and outside the dwelling, on the beach and on a picnic, anyone can create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, enjoying peace, nature and friends. Harbour offers durable and reliable beds and sofas that will not fall apart under the pressure of excess weight. Metal construction is the strong point of the brand, as its founders, brothers Condo, got the secrets of metalwork from their father. They also inherited other skills from him, including a passion for beautiful design, detail and architecture. Harbour is a dynasty and continuity of the best craftsmanship traditions. Good taste and the ability to create elegant objects for the home has allowed the Condo family to carve out a solid niche in the market for country modern beach houses.

The Harbour portfolio is very diverse. Discerning connoisseurs of home comfort can choose from elegant dining tables and chairs, coffee and side tables, stylish lounge chairs, sectionals, ottomans, consoles, media units, sideboards, cabinets and more. The bedroom can become the coziest place in the world with comfortable beds, nightstands, dressers, benches and so on. Outdoor furniture is presented in a separate section. It is resistant to moisture, sudden changes in temperature, the scorching rays of the sun and aggressive insects. Lovers of outdoor recreation can also order sun loungers, day beds, cabanas, umbrellas, fire tables, bar carts and other useful items. The furniture is made using mildew-resistant upholstery and aluminum powder technology to protect metal surfaces from rust.


Brothers Harrison and Nicholas Condo opened their workshop in Sydney in 1976 seeking independence. Their father by that time was the owner of his own successful company, Tecno Furniture, exporting goods outside of Australia. The decision of the young Condos to follow their own path was not a protest, but a desire to prove to their father that they, too, could do something. The sons inherited the golden hands and entrepreneurial passion from the old man, which allowed them to become Australia's leading furniture brand very soon. But this was only the beginning, as elegant and practical furniture proved to be in demand outside the continent. Today, Harbour is the undisputed leader in the segment of comfortable and durable pieces for country beach houses.

Brand products can be purchased as individual items. Clients model their interiors with stylish and functional pieces of furniture, guided by their own tastes. The Harbour collections have everything one needs to decorate a living room, dining room, bedroom, pool, gazebo, garage and other premises. The Condo brothers consider this approach to be the most optimal, because each dwelling is a unique creation, resulting from the personal preferences of the client. Each piece of furniture is equipped with information about the frame material. According to the Condo brothers, this is the first thing a buyer should know about a product. Family happiness can only be built on a solid foundation, and then no storms can destroy it.