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The idea of a bench was suggested to man by nature itself. The primitive hunter, tired of chasing a mammoth (or running away from it), sat down on a snag, which leaned on a nearby stump. The first benches were built from stones as legs and thick branches that served as seats. So the furniture industry was launched. Following the bench, a chair and a table appeared, and all the variety of comfortable items that serve us to this day. Despite its huge age, the idea of a bench is still not outdated. We use it in bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms, living rooms and outdoor areas. Domesca online store offers a wide range of benches from the world's best manufacturers.

Thanks to the professional work of the masters and due attention to the design, the benches in the hallway no longer carry only the function of the area where you can put on and take off your shoes. In our time, choosing the model that can become more than just a seating place is not difficult, since the assortment at Domesca is extensive and will suit every taste and budget and will be able to satisfy the needs of a demanding customer. Because manufacturers produce these items with various modifications, like additional shelves and other stuff, such elements can become essential things in a hallway or corridor. 

The right bench choice depends on the overall design, style, and interior. And we hope that in the "Hallway Benches" section you’ll find a model that meets all your requirements. You will find all the details about the product on the product page: brand of the manufacturer, weight and dimensions of the item, style and design, type of finish, color, materials used, components included and special features. We offer durable and environmentally friendly materials that meet the highest international quality and safety standards. Most of our models are universal, but some may have a special purpose. Details are in the product description.

How many tenants are in your house? The size of the structure will depend on your answer because the more people live in the house, the more dimensional bench you will need. Thanks to it, you don't have to think about where to put the rest of the storage systems. Ideal options should be used to place bags, serve as a seat, and be a spot to store small items. It is also worth paying attention to the shape of this element. The main part of the benches for the hallway is made in a rectangular shape. However, if the design includes smooth and asymmetrical lines, the width of the two sides of the product may be different, as well as the line of the seat. It can be not only straight but also curved, wavy, or concave. 

Thanks to the corner structures at the Domesca online store, you can easily equip the corner of the hallway with maximum space savings. We figured out the sizes and shapes, now we have to decide on the material of the bench. Our range of products allows you to choose the best of the best, so you can be sure that the desired model is already waiting for you. Thanks to their durability and wear resistance, wooden models are considered the most popular on the market. In addition, such material is considered safe not only for the environment but also for households. Plastic structures are very lightweight, so this factor will help you a lot when moving. 

Options with a metal frame are suitable for modern high-tech, or loft styles. These benches are very compact and will be a perfect choice for those who like to frequently change the design of the house. Recently, chipboard and MDF have been in great demand, because usually these models are complemented by spacious storage boxes. Speaking about tone and style solutions, it is worth noting that thanks to bright colors, you can make a bench the main accent throughout the entire hallway, and muted ones will help create harmony. But when choosing this furniture, it is necessary to adhere to the general concept of the interior of the corridor or hallway, taking into account its style. 

For an aristocratic interior, choose exquisite examples of benches. Usually, these models are made of natural wood and leather with elegant chiseled details. Benches in light shades of wood will be a great addition to Country or Provence styles. This can also be a Scandinavian technique, which can be complemented with metal legs and armrest options. Or is it loft, into which small forged benches will fit? In any case, together with Domesca, your choice will be the best solution for many years. Our experts are ready to provide you with models suitable for all your requirements. Regardless of the style, design and materials used, we guarantee exclusive quality and prompt delivery to any location.