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Wall Art + Decor

Sometimes we underestimate the importance of small things in life, we do not understand how important it is to add bright details. But then we feel that something is missing. The Wall Art & Decor section contains the elements that will make you feel delighted with your space. We have exactly what will fill the emptiness of your walls and give you even more joy when you are at home. Candle holders serve not only for additional lighting but also as an elegant addition. Memo Boards are not only a reminder of happy days but also a great addition to the bedroom. This and much more are waiting for you on the pages of this section.

Are you a fan of the legendary pop art? Or maybe you prefer modern surrealism? For everyone who likes to hang art on the wall, we have prepared something that will pleasantly stun you. Apart from the visual effect, the paintings are indeed sources of inspiration. That's why Domesca has paid due attention to providing you with a blend of excellence and beauty. A high-quality base retains the brightness of the picture, so over time, your favorite decor item will not lose its color. You will enjoy and cheer up with our canvases for years.

Display shelves should combine both functionality and attractiveness because they provide excellent visibility and quick access to your favorite things. On the racks are usually put nice-looking things that bring delight, therefore, they should be charming too. Do you want a durable model? Take a look at the wood product. Is your room damp? Choose MDF and ensure your comfort for a long time. Do you want to make a bright accent in your space or, on the contrary, choose calm colors? On our website, your wishes will always be fulfilled. Domesca offers its customers a wide choice of materials, shapes, and colors.

If you have been thinking about changing the window frames in your house for some time, you made the right choice by entrusting this mission to us. Not only do frames keep the cold out of your home, but they also enhance the look of your home inside and out. Recently, it has become more and more common to choose a vintage style in the design of your place. And no wonder, because it adds a lot of elegance to the house. By choosing antique window frames in Domesca, you are guaranteed to receive both protection from drafts and the picturesqueness of the building.

Have you bought a lot of things for your room, but still do not feel comfortable? Most likely, you need a charming candlestick that will instantly correct the situation. You can place paired candlesticks on the sides of a mirror, or the sides of a large canvas. You can look at strong ceramics or luxurious glass. And by choosing the right size and quantity of these decorative elements, you can create a pleasant romantic atmosphere in the house and please your soulmate. Domesca is always happy to help you decide on a purchase.

Sometimes we all want to change the design of the room, without arranging tedious renovation. Deciding to take the step of transforming the room, you can save a lot of time and choose wall panels instead of a total remodeling that will take months. A variety of models of different styles, even waterproof bath remodeling products, are available on our website. They can be used in any part of the house, as well as for visual zoning of space. This is a great option for saving money and energy while maintaining reliability.

Shelves have long ceased to be just an additional place to store things. Having also received the role of an accent piece of furniture, they began to be in even greater demand, which is increasing regularly. It is also worth paying attention to the collection of aesthetic picture frames that will perfectly complement any room: living room, kitchen, hallway and even bathroom. We’re happy to help you choose the right option that will harmoniously complement the room. Add comfort and beauty to your home with Domesca!