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You have already decided which desk will be in your home office and even purchased it in the Domesca online store. Now is the time to think about the bookshelf that will be located nearby. This useful piece of furniture will accept paper documents, discs, cassettes, tools and other items that only clutter up the workspace. Here you can also put family photos, a vase of flowers and your favorite figurine that inspires you to be productive. Don't ignore decorative objects. They greatly affect the mood, helping to relax or focus, depending on the situation. But the bookcase itself should not look like an alien from a distant planet in your cozy home office. Choose a model to your taste that would reflect your worldview and match the overall atmosphere of the interior.

Start your search for a suitable model with a width, because if it does not fit in the planned space, all other excellent qualities will be useless. The height of the bookcase must be consistent with the number of items that will stand on it: books, video cassettes, disks, records and decorative items dear to the heart. It is better to buy a taller model, but some people are oppressed by shelves hanging over them. In any case, in the Domesca online store, you have plenty to choose from. The classic agenda is represented by a variety of designs and materials. A massive dark lacquered bookcase will look natural against the background of thick cream curtains to the floor. But the wooden model can be elegant and light colored, which will complement the light transparent curtains and the ironic pattern of the wallpaper. 

A bookcase with long legs looks like it is suspended in the air, which will undoubtedly have an impact on the flight of your thoughts. The Z-shaped shelving unit is addressed to people with out-of-the-box thinking who are looking for a solution to a problem where no one has ever looked for it. A metal bookcase in the shape of a semi-pyramid can serve as a ladder. In general, metal alloy products look more practical. They are quick to assemble/disassemble, light in weight and versatile. Such models will perfectly fit into any environment, will not rust or become moldy. Pay attention to corner bookcases made of wood, metal or plastic. This is a great solution for a small home office, bedroom, bathroom and living room. 

Artistic bookcases are also present in our collection. The best material for creative designers is plastic, but metal and wood can also be plastic. The combination of a metal frame and a wooden chest of drawers at the bottom of the structure looks very unusual. You can order a bookcase for the whole wall or for the lower half of the wall, so that its upper part can be occupied by a huge plasma screen or a painting by a famous artist. Furniture ordered in the Domesca online store is never only functional. More precisely, its functionality also provides for the creation of a comfortable mood. This is important for the working atmosphere in the home office and well-being in the home. If you agree with us, then you are our customer.

The variety of bookcases in our online store is huge and there are many classifications, for example, by design. Case cabinets - free-standing models of any size and design. The good thing is that they can be rearranged at any time, there are also compact options for small rooms. It will fit into any style: from classic to Scandinavian. Built-in cabinets - as a rule, they occupy the entire area of ​the wall from floor to ceiling. These are complex systems that can include not only shelves but also a niche for a TV, closed drawers, a rack for dishes, a bar, etc. The main advantage is reliability.  Modular option- the most modern type. They are mobile and multifunctional, so you can assemble the product yourself, as a designer, choosing those elements (modules) that you need and that fit the size of a particular room. 

Also, bookcases in our catalog are divided into different types depending on the doors. Closed models - classic cabinets with doors. As a rule, there is glazing either in the upper part (the lower part is reserved for storage hidden from the eyes) or over the entire surface. Open - these are ordinary racks, consisting of a vertical frame and horizontal shelves. They can be of any size. The main plus is quick access to the right things, and you don’t have to worry that you can accidentally break the glass doors. Open shelves often contain not only books but also decor, which will add an interesting accent and a pleasant appearance to your room. Combined options - this type is most often found in modular or large embedded systems where many different elements are combined.  

Why is this element of the interior so good? A bookcase transforms, and makes any home more comfortable and solid, intelligent and prestigious, from a spacious house to a small apartment. Having appeared in the room, such a cabinet immediately solves several problems, for example, convenient storage, roomy arrangement of books, room zoning, creating a unique interior for your home, and much more. Can display cabinets be used to store books? It is possible, but with a small condition. Books need air, they do not like dust and dampness. Therefore, from time to time, about 2-3 times a week, the cabinet doors will need to be slightly opened. By the way, display cabinets are also available at Domesca.