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Entry + Hallway

The entryway is the first place your guests see. This is the face of your home, therefore, the hallway should make a positive impression. In modern homes, this room is given more space than before, so now there is an opportunity to decorate it the way you want. In the section "Entry + Hallway" we collected interior elements suitable for different rooms, different styles of apartments, and the personal preferences of the owner. Domesca will help you choose the perfect furniture and create harmony in your home.

Often the first purchase when arranging a hallway is a clothes rack. It should be compact: take up little space, but hold a lot of clothes; mobile: placed in the right place; and easy to assemble. It is also important to choose the material from which they are made. It can be lacquered wood or durable chromed metal, which is suitable for heavy outerwear. You can also choose an option with a mix of different materials, which will add style to your hallway. All these qualities are possessed by clothes racks from Domesca in different colors and variants.

When you enter a house, you want to see neatness and cleanliness. You probably would like to have plenty of space to fold all your shoes and avoid clutter. With Domesca, this is possible even in small hallways. We have placed compact and functional shoe storages to make life easier for our customers and provide you with excellent items. Here you can find folding shelving, tilt-out, flat and hanging cabinets. If you are a pet owner, then we advise you to opt for closed designs to keep shoes from unwanted damage. 

Looking through the options for wardrobes in the hallway, it is important to consider that it determines the design of this space. This is the largest and most functional piece of furniture that must meet all your requirements. A closet without doors is perfect because often we need to dry clothes after snow or rain. In addition, such cabinets save time in general, because you immediately see what you need. Domesca has collected the best options that not only cope with the main tasks but also bring aesthetic pleasure thanks to its modern design.

For comfort, it is extremely important to place accessories that will also be practical. Umbrella holders are a spectacular addition to the house and a necessary item during the rainy season. Therefore, you need to choose this piece of interior for the general environment correctly. On our site, you will find wooden, plastic, and metal stands for umbrellas of standard or intricate shapes. There is also an option for fans of wickerwork: very practical, easy, and environmentally friendly. Some models have a moisture-absorbing sponge that saves the floor from puddles due to the remaining water on the umbrella.

Storage benches are a smart solution for those who like to combine several functions in one item. They allow you to put all the necessary stuff and sit on them, for example, to put on shoes. Today, there are many types of this piece of furniture: chest, which provides a lot of storage space; folding benches that can be easily removed if necessary, and many others.  We also offer elegant shoe storage benches with a large number of compartments. All the desired models are posted on the Domesca website and are ready to bring you joy and comfort.

You should also take a look at our mirrors, without which it is impossible to imagine an elegant and practical entrance hall. After all, we look at it every time we leave the house, and it’s really important to have one in your hallway. There may be several mirrors, which will help visually enlarge the room. We have mirrors and furniture of different styles, from minimalism to high-tech. Therefore, you can either buy a ready-made kit or pick up interior items separately. Don't be afraid to experiment by combining different styles, colors, and patterns, because when you do it with Domesca, the result will always be organic and amazing.