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Sheets and pillowcases are also among the household items because they create coziness in the house. That is why this product category is presented in the Domesca online store in various materials, sizes, and styles. How many people, so many opinions, famous designers say. This rule was guided by the experts of our trading platform when forming the presented section of goods. It contains sheets and pillowcases from the world's best manufacturers at a reasonable price for every taste and whim. Connoisseurs of home comfort are sure to find here beautiful and durable items that match the style of the interior and aesthetic preferences.

This category of goods has always been subject to special requirements. Sheets and pillowcases are invariably associated with relaxation, sleep, and the intimate sphere of being. They should be soft, skin-friendly, durable – and smell good. All these qualities correspond to natural materials and the best of synthetic and semisynthetic ones. When filling this category with goods, we were guided primarily by this criterion. The best material for pillowcases and sheets is cotton in a variety of types – percale, satin, and flannel (blended with smooth rayon made from bamboo). Polyester microfiber is particularly durable, soft, and pleasant for delicate skin.

Color has a huge effect on mood, so finding the right shade for your sheets and pillowcases is important. If you like to relax after a hard day at work, soft and muted tones of bed linen will be the best solution. Our collection contains a wide variety of shades since the criterion of relaxation is subjective for each person. Someone prefers a blue or green sheet, someone considers a yellow sheet cozy and pleasant, and someone loves a floral or fauna motif that covers the entire space of the bed. We took into account all the tastes and preferences that differ depending on gender, age, and temperament. 

A young couple is more likely to choose a bright and exciting color for a sheet or pillowcase, and they can be understood. The child will fall asleep happy and have a good dream if his or her bed linen is decorated with funny pictures – books and cartoon characters, animals, and so on. Please note that boys like some images and girls like others. Teenagers are quite a complex topic at all times. Perhaps at this age, one should sleep on something dark, given the lifestyle and nighttime surprises. Some fall asleep quickly while lying on geometric shapes, others prefer large or small patterns and others like monochrome options.

Should the sheet be heavy or light? Heavy ones are thick and fleecy. Such a sheet for some of our clients is a symbol of stability and comfort, in addition, it absorbs sweat better, so it is suitable for people who sweat a lot. The main disadvantage of heavy sheets is the long drying time, especially in rainy weather. Light and thin linens will appeal to those who have to lay out a rollaway bed every evening, in a small home. Such a sheet dries quickly, and also takes less energy, time, and space than a heavy one. However, the majority chooses the golden mean, that is, high-quality bed linen made from natural cotton.

All the necessary characteristics of the models are presented on the product page – brand, color, pattern, material, weight, and size. The last parameter is no less important than the previous ones. Our collection features a large selection of sheet and pillowcase sizes for different types of beds and pillows. You can purchase these products in a set or separately, taking into account the features and parameters of your bedroom home items. We are ready to offer children's and adult options, sheets for one or two, and even for three if any. As for pillowcases, the catalog of Domesca online store presents a large assortment of covers for sleeping and decorative pillows.

The bedroom is the most intimate place in the home, where a person completely relaxes. One should think carefully about how to create maximum comfort in this room. It is desirable that the interior of your bedroom is a harmony in which different household items and pieces of furniture would complement each other, creating an impeccable and unique style. Demanding connoisseurs of comfort will find in the Domesca online store a large selection of beds, bedroom sets, nightstands, dressers, wardrobes, mattresses, and other useful products for the bedroom. We also offer stylish and practical pieces of furniture for the kitchen, dining room, living room, home office, and other spaces.