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Home comfort consists of many pleasant little things that have important and useful functions. Even in an office building, where everything is subject to the requirements of expediency, a person strives to establish something optional and sincere. In the home, we rest from the outside world and gain strength. Practical items should also be comfortable and handsome. Some of them become practically family members, whose dilapidation and resignation we perceive with genuine sadness. A console table belongs to such household items. Its presence is justified in any of the premises of your home, since many small useful things need to live somewhere. 

Not having a permanent residence permit, many small useful items scatter in all the nooks and crannies. The console table will fit perfectly into any room, collecting on its shelves a lot of different necessary things. However, it is indispensable in the hallway. Placed under the mirror, the console table will expose everything you need to put yourself in order before going to work or a walk. Upon returning home, shift on it from your pocket or bag everything you need inside the apartment, for example, a smartphone or glasses. If there are shelves and drawers in the model, build a local hierarchy of values – the less often an object is used, the lower tier it occupies. 

The console table can become a place for a small lighting fixture. Turn it on if you come home late and don't want to wake up your family with a bright ceiling light in the hallway. On the table you can put all sorts of trinkets that inspire you before going out into the world of people. We offer a large selection of console tables from the world's best brands. The manufacturer is listed on the product page. Here you can also find the following characteristics of the console table: frame and top surface material, type of finish, product weight, assembled and packed dimensions, style and design, number of drawers per model, number of pieces per set, as well as included components and special features.

All our models are made of durable and safe materials, in accordance with world quality and waste standards. They are easily assembled without outside help, additional tools and special skills. Use the step-by-step instructions if your intuition slows down. Domesca experts will answer any question and provide comprehensive technical support, from ordering to attaching the last detail during the installation of the console table. Don't ignore the extras. Drawers and several tiers of shelves in a multifunctional model will collect many small items in one place. Also, a wide variety of designs and styles are at your service.

The main difference between the console table and its counterparts is its compactness. This piece of furniture is wide enough to accommodate small things on it and narrow enough not to interfere with the movement of people. It can have a rectangular, square, or semicircular shape. Domesca online store is ready to offer models with straight or curved legs. Some options are very exotic. How would you like a table with legs in the form of seated panthers or antique columns? Lovers of antiquity will find here an excellent imitation of the Empire style. If this seems redundant to you, choose furniture with straight and slender legs. 

Futuristic models look very original. Within this style, you can find frame tables reminiscent of bridge spans over a large river. Console tables vary in height, width, material, or features. Choose a model according to the number and shape of the legs, color, stationary or folding ones. Some pieces of this furniture fit only one type of interior, others are ready to be friends with any wallpaper, cabinets, and curtains. Reliable and practical console tables can be used as an ironing board. There are options that will completely replace the coffee table, especially those with adjustable legs. Beauty therapy is not an empty phrase. 

A pretty console table is able to complement the harmony of your interior, turning a well-painted picture of comfort into a masterpiece of genius. It is worth a try, especially since there are more than enough beautiful pieces of furniture for every taste in the Domesca online store. Regardless of the style, design and materials used, we guarantee the exclusive quality of each household item and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit Umbrella Stands, Coat Racks, Wall Hooks and other categories in our catalog. Order our products at any time of the day or night. Let us help you create the maximum comfort for your home!