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In the interior, we value not only convenience but also aesthetics. An important component of a well-organized space is the bathroom vanities, without which it is impossible to imagine a decent bathroom. This piece of furniture is more functional and roomy than shelves and cabinets, so you can find a place for it even in a small room. Today Domesca is proud to offer you cabinets of various sizes, designs, and shapes, thanks to which you won't be left without a profitable purchase. And it is not surprising, because modern manufacturers have done everything to give you something to choose from, and among such a large assortment it can be really hard to choose a good model. 

We invite you to delve into the choice of bathroom vanities with us. We recommend paying attention not only to the appearance, shade, design and style of the model. All technical characteristics presented on the product page are of great importance. Here you will find the manufacturer's brand, piece weight, packed and assembled dimensions, shape, design and style, finish type, materials used, components included, purpose, step-by-step instructions and special features. All this will help you make the right choice. Our models are made of reliable and safe materials, in full compliance with international quality and environmental standards. 

The Domesca online store has a huge selection of bathroom vanities. Depending on the design features, this piece of furniture is divided into several types. The most common are hanging and floor cabinets. Floor ones are installed on support legs, which allows the product to withstand mechanical loads. Furniture legs can hold the cabinet together with the sink, as well as folded objects. At the same time, it is easy to carry out cleaning, since there is free space between the cabinet and the floor. Mounted models attract attention with their elegant appearance. It makes the cleaning process in the bathroom easier, and the free floor under the cabinet visually expands the space. 

If the dimensions of the bathroom are very small, then the only right option is to order a corner model. Such a cabinet brings a non-standard and original appearance to the interior. Bathroom vanities are sold unassembled, neatly stacked in safe and durable packaging. We will make sure that all the details are present in the kit you purchased. Bathroom vanity is easy to assemble, without outside help, extra tools and special skills. Use the step-by-step instructions if you have any difficulties. Please note that some kits do not include a top piece that is purchased separately to suit your bathroom style and preference.

Since the cabinet will stand in the bathroom, materials that are not afraid of high humidity should be used for its manufacture. Most often, pressed boards are used for the manufacture of cabinets under the sink – chipboard or MDF. Modern surface sealing technologies and synthetic resins are used to glue wood particles, significantly increasing the moisture resistance of these materials. You can count on at least 5-7 years of furniture life. Wood looks spectacular and presentable, it has a great appearance, luxurious shade, and texture. In addition, before processing, the wood is impregnated with a composition that increases resistance to mold and germs. 

For the preservation of wooden furniture, we advise you to consider the constant ventilation of the room. When choosing bathroom vanities, you should carefully examine the fittings, paying attention primarily to the material of manufacture and the quality of workmanship. A convenient and reliable cabinet in the bathroom can be equipped depending on your needs, for example, with metal moisture-resistant handles, stainless steel hinges, wire mesh laundry basket, towel holders, etc. Among our assortment, you can find models with LED lighting in the interior space of the cabinet, which makes it easier to find the necessary little things. 

A mirror, in addition to it, will help make the look of the area harmonious and complete. If you want to purchase outstanding furniture with maximum benefit, choose the Domesca online store for this task. Our quality-prices ratio will pleasantly surprise you. Regardless of the price, size and design, we guarantee the exclusive quality of each piece of furniture and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit “Bathroom Storage”, “Bathroom Mirrors”, “Baby & Kids Bathroom Accessories”, and other categories in our catalog. Order our products at any time of the day or night. We are always happy to help you!