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LED Lighting

Since LEDs entered our lives, the face of cities has changed radically. Evening avenues blaze with cheerful lights, and the night has become like a day. With a 50% energy saving, the LEDs can shine all the time when there is no sun. This is especially beneficial for countries in northern latitudes. The low cost and flexibility of this technology have made it possible to find the most incredible applications for it. No one is surprised by the illumination of billboards and monuments, dancing advertising, and ubiquitous street lighting. In the ten years since its inception, LEDs have entered industrial workshops and cozy apartments.

Due to the absence of infrared and ultraviolet rays, LED equipment almost does not heat up. The efficiency here is much higher than in conventional incandescent lamps. This technology saves up to 50% of electricity, the price of which is only increasing. But the savings also come from durability, as the LED lasts four times longer than a conventional lamp. Produced on an industrial scale, new generation lighting fixtures are offered at a very reasonable price. Through the use of lenses and reflectors, precise control of electromagnetic waves and high brightness is achieved. You will obtain high-quality lighting for rooms of any size.

At home, LED lighting built into the wall and ceiling will be effective. Portable lighting fixtures come in a wide variety of designs and creative finds. LED technology allows you to create lamps and their ensembles in a wide range of colors. Adjusting the intensity here is easier and more accurate. You can turn your bedroom into a fairy tale cave, and the living room will appear in all its splendor. In the catalog of the Domesca online store, you will find LED lighting for all types of premises. This technology works effectively both inside and outside your home. It is in your power to turn your house into a shining palace.

LEDs are widely used to illuminate discrete areas of the interior and household items. The practical side is combined with the aesthetic. Lighting devices are presented in the form of sticks, hearts, stars, and artistic sculptural groups. Smart models can change brightness and color, rotate and even make sounds. As a rule, they are equipped with several modes described in the user manual. Night mode deserves special attention. It automatically turns on when it gets dark. In our store, you can buy a beautiful night light designed for an adult or a kid. Some models of night projectors are equipped with a removable dome in the form of a starry sky.

Get in the holiday spirit with colorful, shimmering garlands. They can decorate a Christmas tree, interior, or facade of your house. LED cords can be sold in the form of coils. A “snake” for several tens of meters will illuminate large spaces inside and outside the home. Your kid will love this bright, sparkling toy that seems to be dancing in his/her hands. The fiery sword, seen in the cartoon, has been known since biblical times and is the personification of power and justice. Little girls will love the shimmering crown and fairy wand. The LED toy is a great gift for your son or daughter. The child, like the savage, is fascinated by sparkling objects.

LEDs can be an element of clothing. Tiny bulbs built into children's shoes or a dog collar will accurately indicate the location of the ward in the dark. You can equip scarves, umbrellas, dresses, eyelashes, pillows, laces, hats, backpacks, wallpaper, and even gloves with LEDs. By the way, luminous gloves are used when carrying out repairs in areas that are difficult to illuminate otherwise. LEDs can form intricate patterns or warning words, for example, on the back or knapsack. The new technology improves the safety of movement in the metropolis with the help of traffic lights, signs, and pointers.

The apartment can accommodate very exotic LED illuminators. The symbolism of the Vedas, Buddhism, Christianity and even Islam will remind guests of the host's religious preferences. These LED household items are connected to the power source through a socket or USB plug. All products in this category are easy to install and maintain, meeting safety and environmental standards. In search of quality lighting products, you can visit other sections of our catalog – “Ceiling Lights”, “Wall Lights”,” Outdoor Lighting”, “Table + Floor Lamps”, and so on.