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It is difficult to disagree that a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen is one of the important points of pleasant gatherings and a good mood. Therefore, you should pay special attention to chairs, when buying which you need to take into account not only the visual component of the furniture. It is important to know the characteristics of materials with options for combining styles, colors, and shapes. And most importantly - the alternatives for the location of different chairs in your kitchen. It will also not be superfluous to think about the desired atmosphere in the kitchen - solemn, traditionally homely, or modern. We hope that the products in the "Dining Chairs" section will solve your problem of choosing the perfect model.

Modern manufacturers offer a lot of different design solutions and original designs. The simplest and most convenient are stools. Their main advantage is their compact size, which is ideal for a tiny kitchen. You can also purchase folding options that do not take up much space. Classic chairs have a seat and a back. At the same time, it can be high, up to the shoulders of a seated person, or medium to the middle of the back. There are a lot of varieties of such furniture in Domesca. The most comfortable kitchen chairs can be not only with back support but also with the correct anatomical shape, as well as with armrests. For big families, benches instead of chairs will become a great option. Such a choice would also be appropriate in Scandinavian interiors.

Can't decide which type of seat to select? Upholstered chairs for the kitchen are considered a less practical choice, although more comfortable. They are suitable for those who are used to spending a lot of time in the dining area. The material should be chosen so that it will be easy to wipe off grease and other stains. For example, natural or imitation leather, as well as fabrics with a special coating, which can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. They are suitable for families with children and pets. Rigid chairs are a classic model for the kitchen. Almost every material option is easy to clean and they are really durable. If after a while you want to sit on something soft, you can always buy seat covers. Such decor gives the kitchen additional comfort and individuality.

The chosen style of the kitchen interior defines the style of the kitchen atmosphere, furniture silhouettes, and also influences the selection of frame materials with upholstery. Buying sheer, translucent, or carved chairs will help keep the space elegant without cluttering up the interior. Wooden chairs are a classic furniture addition to a wooden dining table. The main thing here is to choose the right color, or you can create a contrast of shades, which will also look stylish.  Chairs with a metal frame are suitable for glass or plastic tables. Rattan furniture has always been distinguished by its practicality: they do not crack and can be used in rooms with different climate conditions. Be sure that even if you haven't exactly decided on the desired dining chair, you still can find the perfect model if you choose Domesca. 

One of the trends that are actively used in interiors is incomplete tables and chairs. However, do not think that any chair will look stylistically fascinating with your table. Pick a balanced option and achieve a luxurious and stylish look. The most important rule here is shape matching. Match round chairs to round tables and square chairs to square ones. In this case, whatever the color and style of the chair in relation to the table, the shape will act as a link.  Another parameter that is important to choose is the thickness of the legs. In some cases, the legs of the table can be thicker than the legs of the chairs, but not vice versa. When choosing a dining chair in our online store, do not lose sight of the issue of armrests. They can give additional comfort when sitting.

How to choose a table and chairs for the kitchen depends on personal preferences, the size of the room, and even on which side of the world the windows face. In small kitchens, furniture made of light materials, plastic, glass, and metal in silver tones looks good. Translucent carved details will also help to visually expand the space. Therefore, when choosing a color, it is worth considering not only the tone and shade of the table, but also the overall color palette of the interior, the level of lighting, and the design style.  Bright chairs can become a contrasting color accent and decoration of the kitchen, diluting it with too neutral or even colors. For a kitchen with many shades, it is better to choose chairs in the color of one of the furnishings, this will help to harmonize the atmosphere.

If your dining table expands or changes position depending on how many guests are at your dinner party, it's best to make sure the chairs are mobile enough as well. If the table, having once taken its place, does not move anywhere, then you can stop at more massive and heavy chairs that will add sophistication to any room. Designers recommend selecting dining chairs according to the height of the owners. Most models are designed for people of average height, their seat height is 40-45 cm, and the standard back height is 80-90 cm. You also need to consider whether there is enough space between the table and the kitchen set so that the chairs can be moved freely when sitting down at the table. The main characteristics that are important to consider when choosing the right model are comfort, compliance with the interior style, and practicality, and then the chairs bought at Domesca will delight you for many years!