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Since the invention of LEDs, life has become brighter and more fun. This technology allows you to save up to 90% of electricity, which means you can afford to illuminate not only indoor but also outdoor spaces. LEDs are very popular in lighting patios, garages, balconies, and gazebos. You can not be afraid of fire, because the lighting fixtures almost do not heat up. LED outdoor lighting is subject to the same requirements as other electrical equipment exposed to the weather. They must be resistant to moisture, dirt, sudden changes in temperature, and so on. The models offered by the Domesca online store meet high quality and safety standards. Make your choice based on your preferences and recommendations from our experts. We offer models in different styles, from the world's best manufacturers. 

All our models are made of strong and durable materials that combine functional and decorative characteristics. When choosing a lighting fixture for your garage, patio, or balcony, consider the following product parameters: manufacturer's brand, weight, packaged and assembled size, finish type, lampshade material and shape, wattage, voltage, installation type, components included, and special features. An important parameter for comfort is brightness and color temperature, which are adjustable in some models. Take advantage of the remote control to turn your outdoor LED lighting on and off from the comfort of your chair. Your guests will love the motion sensor, which reacts to the approach of a person. 

Look out for commercial-grade string lights that provide endless possibilities for transforming your outdoor space into a magical place. Create an enchanting atmosphere at the party, wedding, barbecue, relaxing patio and other events. Easy to install and very durable, outdoor LED lights are the perfect addition to the holidays and everyday life. These lights are built to withstand harsh weather, so you can feel confident leaving them on all year round. Each outlet comes with a handy loop for easy installation with eyelet hooks, zip ties or guide wire. High-quality lamps are designed for many years. They are compatible with dimmers, giving you complete control over the desired effect.

Each string of LED bulbs only consumes 15 watts, or 1 watt per bulb. The maximum power of the dimmer is rated at 150W, so it can work with five sets of LED strings. Generally, LED string lights are not compatible with incandescent bulbs, as they use too much power and can damage the dimmer module. Heavy-duty wiring is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and can be hung anywhere outdoors. Warm white 2700K garlands create a nice atmosphere for patio decor, room decor, garden lights, Easter decorations, weddings, kids parties and more! String LED lights are built to withstand all weather conditions, able to resist rain, wind or snow. Domesca experts will be happy to help you choose the right model.

You might want LED parking lot lights, which are equipped with a dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor that detects ambient light and turns the LED on or off automatically. The hollow heat sink design makes the lamp lighter and better dissipates heat. The parking lot light provides 26,000 lumens at 5000K daylight white light. The LED efficiency is 130 lm/W. This type of lighting has no flicker, no UV or IR radiation, which meets the requirements of environmental protection. The design also features a durable lampshade and a rubber sealing ring, giving a double seal and waterproof protection. Don't worry about fading and corrosion in outdoor lighting fixtures from Domesca online store. 

LED outdoor lighting, presented in the Domesca catalog, is easy to assemble and install, without additional skills and special tools. Our models will fit well into the harmony of your home. Choose the shape and size of the lampshade, whose surface can be transparent, matte, or grooved. Fans of the strict way of life will like LED lights in classic and modern styles. In our collection, there are models that imitate antique lighting fixtures. Some will prefer models in an industrial or futuristic style, while others will be delighted with ones in the form of a pagoda. For high-quality lighting of the parking lot, you will need powerful LED spotlights, which are also present in our catalog. We have selected for you options that do not pose a risk to health and the environment.

The choice of design depends on the size of the outdoor space and the height of the ceiling in it. Compact and recessed into the ceiling, LED lighting is perfect for a small balcony or garage. Choose a beautiful retro-style chandelier, pendant, or lantern to decorate your porch or front door. Modern LED step lights can have a music mode, while the color of the lighting depends on the rhythm of the music and the frequency of the sound. Comfort is the romantic and interesting atmosphere of your life. Why not enjoy it every day with LED outdoor lighting? We also encourage you to visit “Outdoor Ceiling Lights”, “Outdoor Wall Lighting”, “Desk Task Lamps”, and other sections of our catalog. Order reliable and beautiful LED outdoor lighting at any time of the day or night.