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Light Bulbs + Accessories

The online store Domesca presents a wide range of lighting fixtures for different rooms. Here you will find lighting for bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and commercial spaces. We offer wall, ceiling, table, and floor lights in various designs of the top brands. Standard models will look just as impressive in the interior or facade of the building as ingenious inventions of engineering. But light bulbs sometimes burn out. They can be easily replaced with new components. Some of them look very extraordinary and come with incredible features. Our experts will help you navigate the sea of ​​products and choose the right option.

LED bulbs of different shapes and sizes are sold in their “pure form”, without a case and additional decorations. This simple piece of equipment can be fixed around the edges of furniture, windows, or doors. LED components illuminate and decorate at the same time. There is not the slightest risk of fire, and your energy costs are very low. Today, you can afford to turn your home and office into a sparkling palace at a minimal price. Such independent components do not require special knowledge for installation, they are easily mounted and dismantled. Estimate the quality and reliability of the LED bulbs presented in the Domesca catalog.

LED light bulbs are incredibly light in weight, and even the smallest of them can be very bright. The advantages of the new technology are obvious, which is why these lighting fixtures make up the majority of our catalog. You may not know, but LEDs have no turn-on delay and no annoying initial flicker. This lighting equipment can go a long time without repair and maintenance. The exception is particularly dirty rooms, such as a kitchen or garage. In this case, grease and dust particles will settle on the surface, reducing the brightness. Some models have mounting mechanisms included, which makes them easy and quick to install.

Light bulbs can come in a fancy mono or poly color illumination. They are equipped with an ingenious system of lenses and reflectors, which allows you to control the light most significantly. Some models have a remote control for turning on, choosing a color, lighting mode, and brightness. High-tech options connect to music playback via Bluetooth and can quickly change parameters following the tempo of the soundtrack. If you are a DJ, use the proposed characteristics. By the way, the emitted electromagnetic waves are not represented in the infrared and ultraviolet range. They do not tire or harm the eyes and are safe for children and animals.

A so-called music lighting bulb can be used as a speaker. Screw its base into the socket of the floor lamp, set the desired mode, and enjoy. This is a great option for home discos. But smart bulbs don't stop there. Some models can create lighting from several million color shades, perfectly adapting to any mood of the owner. Do you want a friendly party or a romantic evening by candlelight? All this is available in the arsenal of home lighting bulbs. Control your bedroom and living room lights with your voice through dedicated apps. Use the power on/off, brightness, and color temperature adjustment programs.

Home lighting bulbs with additional features are gradually turning into a home studio. They can be used in lighting fixtures, as well as powered by a battery or via a USB connector. At night, the smart component brings the ocean into your bedroom. The built-in speaker and lighting system rotate to create the effect of moving waves. This is the best lullaby for restless souls. Program the smart bulb for an hour, two, or three hours and fall asleep with wonderful thoughts in your head. Such equipment will be in demand not only in bedrooms but also in children's rooms and even at a party. Do not deny yourself pleasure.

Decorative lighting bulbs can create a special charm in the interior. By buying a similar home item, you get a good mood. But it is much more pleasant to give a good mood to others. A home lighting bulb with additional features can be a great gift for a loved one. All of our products come in beautiful packaging. In addition, we make sure that your purchase is delivered safely and on time. Also, lighting fixtures can be found in the sections “Ceiling Lights”, “Outdoor Lighting”, “Table + Floor Lamps”, “LED Lighting”, and so on. Buy the best goods at fair prices at the Domesca online store.