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BLNK Furniture


This is about stylish, reliable furniture that looks great and stands up to years of use. BLNK is a name that should be on the radar of all those who appreciate home comfort and family well-being. For over 20 years, a team of creative designers and experienced engineers has been providing innovative solutions when it comes to home and office furnishings, with something to suit almost any style or budget. From classic pieces to modern twists on traditional shapes, their broad selection ensures everyone can find exactly what they're looking for. In addition, all of their products are made from premium materials, making them highly durable. Best of all – no assembly is required. Welcome to the world of absolute comfort!

Perhaps now is the perfect time to update someone's living space or workstation with one (or several) pieces from BLNK. With its wide selection of chairs, tables, desks, and other furniture pieces, this renowned brand offers quality products that will add a touch of elegance and modern style to any space. From contemporary designs in fabric upholstery to industrial-looking pieces in leather finishes, BLNK has something for everyone. Plus, their prices are highly competitive – making them an excellent value for savvy shoppers. It's about the company behind the amazing furniture, which was created for true connoisseurs of home comfort. Paradise is available to everyone, regardless of the country in which they live.


BLNK has focused on two of the most important areas of consumer comfort - residential and commercial. Why? Firstly, because these are the most popular and habitable comfort zones. Home is the place where every person returns after a hard day at work. What is the point in work if after it, he or she does not return to their private corner, on a soft sofa, to a loved one and favorite pastime? But work should also take place in the most comfortable conditions so that it brings pleasure and even greater profit. Some people are said to live in an office, hospital, or school. If the workplace is the second home for the vast majority of modern people, this space should be equipped in a homely way, the designers of BLNK  believe.


Commercial furniture comes in a variety of stylish and elegant pieces for a wide range of special spaces. The greatest number of various subjects is offered in the office and school categories. In the first of them, demanding customers can choose office set-ups, filing cabinets, chairs, conference tables, pieces for reception and training, as well as practical and useful accessories. The school assortment includes preschool sets and seating, activity tables, marker and chalk boards, student desks, as well as mobile tables, and suitable accessories. In the catalog of BLNK, anyone will also find restaurant, event, medical, church, and patio furniture pieces. The brand offers the best selection of top-quality, affordable home and office furnishings with ease, efficiency, and trust.


BLNK is one of the most well-known and highly respected furniture brands in the world. With a long history that dates back to 2001, the manufacturer has become known for its quality construction, innovative designs, and stylish modern furniture collections. But what makes this brand truly unique is its ability to capture a wide array of customer preferences while continuously introducing more impeccable pieces each year. From sofas to dining room sets – BLNK proudly offers something for everyone looking to decorate their home or commercial space with beautiful yet affordable furniture options. Modern comfort is safety, durability, and style, the brand's designers have been saying since its inception.


BLNK has been transforming homes, offices, and educational institutions for over 20 years. From its beginnings in 1985 as a Midwest sales company to today's multi-million dollar enterprise that operates across the US, the brand has come a long way since its humble beginning. From its formation as an American manufacturer dedicated to creating comfortable pieces of furniture with a stylish flair to its current position as a world-renowned designer, BLNK is steadily growing its army of supporters among true connoisseurs of home comfort. An earthly paradise in a single place is possible for those who know where to look for and order quality furniture and accessories. Today they are available at reasonable prices.