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Every day, a big supermarket has to solve the problem of storing tens of thousands of customer bags. Stations, airports, and other places where people leave their things face a similar challenge. The created system turned out to be convenient not only in the field of social facilities. Storage shelves are increasingly appearing in apartments and homes. This is appropriate in lands where food shortages occur. But even in prosperous countries, people always have something to store. Buy in bulk any consumable you use regularly. Medicines, dietary supplements, flour, cereals, as well as containers filled with water or other liquid will find their place on the storage shelf. 

It is important to properly organize the space and not to put together what should not be put together. When choosing shelves for storage, we recommend that you carefully read the parameters of the model. On the product page you will find the brand of the manufacturer, the weight of the piece, the type of finish, the number of units in the set, the type of installation, the assembled and packed dimensions, the number of shelves per unit, the components included, the materials used and special features. Special features include, for example, use in difficult conditions and adjustable shelf heights. Do not ignore the purpose of the storage shelf.

Of course, household storage shelves or those you use in your home office are different from storage shelves used in public places. You don't need multiple container cells covering an entire wall. Domesca online store offers compact and mobile storage shelves made of durable plastic or light metal. There is a very convenient option on wheels, on which you can not only store but also transport items from room to room. The surface of the shelves can be solid, wire or mesh, making the whole piece of furniture lighter and allowing air to pass through. Pay attention to the maximum load weight for each tier and the entire structure. 

These and other parameters are specified in the product description. It also explains how to install and maintain the storage shelving unit. All our models are easy to assemble, without outside help, additional tools and special knowledge. In case of misunderstandings, you can always refer to the step-by-step instructions or our experts. We provide comprehensive technical support from the moment of purchase to installation at the place of destination. Follow the simple rules for storing items on this type of shelving unit. Heavy items such as tool boxes or plastic water containers should be placed on the lower tiers. 

This increases the stability of the structure and makes the fall of large objects less destructive. In some models, the distance between the shelves can be adjusted to make it easier to put bulky items. Other shelf racks are combined into complexes. They successfully replace cabinets not only in home offices, but also in garages, workshops and in all those places where equipment and tools are available to everyone. There are also models with fixed cells in different sizes. Most of these storage shelves are made of wood. This is a very aesthetic solution for any premises. If you are tired of the chaos of toys in your child's room, place a beautiful shelving unit in it.

The main advantage of storing shelves is open access. If you use some items too often, a shelving unit will be more convenient than a sideboard or chest of drawers. In the hallway, this piece of furniture will take shoes, hats, hygiene kits, briefcases, and even stacks of magazines into its space. In the basement, it is indispensable for storing canned food, bottles of vintage wine, and various tools. As a rule, the attic is designed for things that are a pity to throw away. If they are not organized on storage shelves, they will make it difficult to move in this space. Finally, the shelving unit can be turned into an exhibition stand to showcase various kinds of decorative items. 

If you prefer open access to everything in your home, you know what you need to buy. Regardless of weight, style and material, we guarantee exclusive quality and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit “Furniture Sets”, “Medical Cabinets”, “Vanity Bathrooms”, and other categories of the Domesca online store. Order our products at any time of the day or night. We appreciate the trust of our customers, so we offer reliable and beautiful home items from the best world manufacturers. A large selection of storage shelves and other useful pieces are at your disposal. Let's create maximum comfort and harmony of style together!