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Outdoor Lighting

Proper selection of lighting means both aesthetic appearance and functionality. When choosing street or landscape lighting, you should always focus on ensuring the safety of the residents of the house and street. The light should not be too bright, so as not to blind the eyes, but not muffled so that walking around the yard is cozy and comfortable. In this section, Domesca has collected for you a variety of types of lighting that will be as practical as possible and emphasize the attractiveness of the facade of your house.

Spotlights are most often used to illuminate large objects. These are powerful lamps that can illuminate both an entire area and a specific point at a great distance. In addition, they will do it effectively, underlining the individuality of architectural solutions. Models in the Domesca online store have a high degree of protection against water, dust, and dirt. Therefore, such lamps will serve you for a long time. You can also combine different colors and types of lighting to create outstanding compositions.

Wall lamps are often used to illuminate the front parts of buildings and their territories. A huge number of design solutions, as well as savings on support systems, are the main factors in their popularity. The influence of external climatic factors, such as strong wind with rain, will not shorten the service life. By buying wall lamps for the landscape in our store, you can be sure of the quality of the purchase. For more comfort, you can think about getting a product with motion sensors to solve the problem of automating turning on the light.

Want to make the lights "invisible"? Then take a look at our built-in spotlights. They are mounted inside walls, steps, and other surfaces to save space, as well as time to search for an object that will fit into the exterior. Ground lamps have a similar function, which won't interfere with movement, and also have high protection against external influences such as moisture or dust. It is also worth considering the strength of the glass or grating that is superimposed on top of such lamps. They must withstand vehicles passing through them. In Domesca you will find only the highest quality products that will ensure your family’s comfort.

We can talk about the advantages of lamps on solar batteries for a long time. They are easy to install, versatile in shape, and very economical. Today, the range of such models in Domesca is really huge, and we’ll help you to decide. If you want to light up your lawn, look no further than wall-mounted options. If you need to light up fences or posts, consider pendant lights. If not only functionality but also decorativeness is important to you, you may like stylized garlands. Creating a magical mood even on cloudy days, you will catch that this decision was one of the best purchases.

Outdoor lighting floor lamps surround the yard with soft lighting, that is, passing by it, they don't shine behind your eyes. By the way, it is also a great addition to the style of your home. Minimalistic options are suitable for modern decor, luxurious vintage lamps are suitable for classic one. With Domesca, you can turn your desired ideal picture in your head into reality. You can also look at portable outdoor lamps on the pages of our store. It is convenient to put them at the front door of the house so that your guests have exact guidelines to follow.

To create a uniform flow of light, double-sided facade lamps are used. They provide soft lighting to both the upper and lower parts of the yard. When choosing such fixtures, we recommend taking into account the color and material of the walls of the house. Smooth surfaces and cold shades will reflect light more brightly. Finding the right options always takes a lot of time, because this is an important choice that is made for years. You do not need to rush or be afraid to be late to grab the option you like, because Domesca always has something that will bring your ideas to life.