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Gone are the days when mirrors only adorned palaces. You will hardly find an apartment where this useful and beautiful item would not be. Mirror indicates flaws in clothing and makeup, helps to choose a face and fix a hairstyle. You ask it for advice and wait for a flattering reflection. Sometimes it seems to people that they look into a parallel reality, expecting miracles and surprises. Mirrors can really inspire, and not just in the hallway or bedroom. In the bathroom, it shares the most intimate of your experiences, being a strict judge and a good adviser. Even with a doctor and a loved one, you are never as frank as with a bathroom mirror. It will not betray or deceive. 

A person can't always choose judges and advisers, but they have the opportunity to choose mirrors. In our extensive collection, you can always find a model that matches your ideas about the harmony of style and comfort. The product page lists the following product specifications: manufacturer's brand, mounting type, frame material, item weight, bathroom mirror shape, style and design, number of pieces per set, components included, and special features. All our products are made from materials that are safe for health and the environment, in full compliance with strict quality and purpose standards. 

In the bathroom, one can appreciate the beauty of one's figure and notice its flaws. You will be helped by a full-length mirror, which is placed on the floor or hung on the wall. Light sources should not be opposite, but on the same or side planes, so that you see not your dark profile, but all the nuances of the body. By the way, bathroom lights are waiting for you in the “Bathroom lights” and “LED Lighting” of the Domesca online store. In accordance with the style of the interior, choose the design of the frame of the growth mirror. Framing can be wide or narrow, light or dark, covered with bizarre or simple patterns. 

In addition to the traditional rectangle, there are other shapes: an arch, a rectangle with scalloped corners or an oval. As a rule, a bathroom mirror does not need to be assembled. Some models may include coordinating items: paper holders, robe hooks, towel racks. All accessories are easily attached to the bathroom mirror, without the help of a second person, additional tools or special skills. Wall models are fixed using the fixing hardware included in the set. To take the guesswork out of installation, follow our step-by-step instructions you'll find in the package. The experts of our online store guarantee a complete set and safe delivery.

Round and square bathroom mirrors are designed for people who do not intend to view their entire figure. Such a piece of furniture can be hung on the wall or placed (if it is square or semicircular) on a shelf or table. Be sure that the mirror is held firmly, for a broken one will bring grief. The experts of our store will gladly answer all questions related to the installation of this delicate item. A medium-sized wall mirror serves as a bathroom decoration to an even greater extent than a full-length one. Its silhouette can be simple, geometric or quite whimsical, imitating the style of the brilliant eras of the past. This option will harmoniously fit not only into the bathroom, but also into the bedroom to become a confidante of your unspoken secrets. 

Some models have a pedestal and leg, 360° rotation mechanism and magnification. Use it for meticulous makeup in the bathroom or other room. Such a product is not easy to brush off on the floor, due to the anti-slip effect of the base. The so-called vanity mirrors, that is, edged with (LED) lights, are gaining more and more popularity. Even if you don't compete in a beauty pageant, you are worthy of the bright light. The mirror is equally functional and decorative. If one wants to see a beautiful reflection, one must look into handsome objects. You have a wide choice, because you are in the catalog of the Domesca online store. 

We also recommend visiting “Clocks and Mirrors”, “Wall Art and Decor”, “Bathroom Furniture”, “Bathroom Lights” and other categories of the Domesca catalog. Order our goods at any time of the day and eyes. Regardless of the cost, style and size, we guarantee exclusive quality and prompt delivery to any destination. You can create the perfect comfort without undue cost and effort if you buy in the right place. We value the trust of our customers, so we offer products from the best world brands. Domesca experts are ready to become your true friends and experienced advisers for many years to come. Let's create the perfect comfort together!