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The first cabinets are found in ancient Rome, and maybe even earlier. Two thousand years have passed, but nothing has changed significantly in the design of this piece of furniture. We can use new materials (cheaper or more expensive), make changes in decor and adjust the size. Today, the style of the cabinet and storage is very relevant. The item for the home should fit into the harmony of the interior, creating maximum comfort. Also check out the additional cabinet and storage features. Thanks to its functionality, this piece of furniture always remains relevant, only its design changes following fashion trends. Domesca online store has exactly what will perfectly complement your home.

When choosing a cabinet or storage, pay attention to the characteristics of the product: manufacturer's brand, dimensions and weight, type of finish (including fabric, if used), shade and style, number of shelves and size of each compartment. These and other parameters are presented on the product page in the Domesca catalog. Our cabinets use durable and safe materials that comply with strict quality and environmental standards. Do not ignore the purpose of the cabinet, as some models are for storing laundry, while others – for storing chemicals and detergents. Our collection has enough versatile options designed to store a wide range of things and substances.

Some cabinets in our catalog are designed for outdoor use, such as in a garage. No matter what you put in it, this piece of furniture must be resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Other characteristics of outdoor storage are resistance to UV rays, dirt, rain and snow. We offer a wide range of cabinets designed for storage in bathrooms, spas, saunas, pools, laundries and kitchens. These models are able to withstand high temperatures and humidity levels without allowing the objects in them to come into contact with the environment. Use them to effectively organize space in rooms with special conditions.

Pay attention to the internal structure of the storage cabinet. It can have one, two, three or four doors, regardless of the number of compartments in it. Doors are locked with a mortise or padlock, while a padlock is not always included in the kit. A padlock is appropriate in outdoor storage cabinets: in locker rooms, garages, in the backyard, as well as in various public places. Some models are offered with bolts, latches or magnets to prevent accidental opening of doors. Most doors are equipped with knobs or brackets for easy opening. These beautiful accessories play a certain role in the style of the interior.

Properly organized living room space will create the necessary atmosphere of comfort, well-being and warmth. Tastefully selected storage cabinets for the interior of the living room will give it a noble solidity, add charm. In a small living room, a full-fledged glass model will take up a lot of space. For storage of small things, it is recommended to use wall cabinets. They will look especially appropriate in the style of minimalism or hi-tech. For corner placement, buy a deeper cabinet with a fancy design. This will make the narrow living room visually wider and hide the flaws in the layout. In modern interiors, a built-in wardrobe in the living room has become widespread. This model looks especially advantageous in spacious rooms, decorated in the same style.

Before buying in Domesca, we advise you to decide on the size of the cabinet you need. The more spacious a room, the larger a model can be placed in it. In a tiny living room, where there is not much free space, it’s better to put a small chest of drawers or fix a hanging showcase above the sofa. Such furniture looks beautiful and does not take up extra space. Or you can give preference to hanging shelves that save space well. This is not only furniture for storing things but also an excellent decoration for walls. Domesca offers its customers the most diverse models of shelves that will fit into any interior solution and in any style, from minimalism and classics to country and high-tech. Next to simple wooden options, you can also find geometric shelves with mirrored cabinets.

An interesting piece of furniture is a metal shelf, which will give an unusual image to any room. If you want to highlight important things for yourself in a special way, you should choose a shelf with LED lighting. Glass and metal objects will look especially good. Corner models will help you use the living room most functionally. Here, shelving is used to delimit space into functional areas. They will not only harmonize with the interior of the room but also make the space much lighter. Organizing your home is not difficult if you focus on the practicality, reliability, and durability of the furniture. When ordering in our online store, you will be pleasantly surprised by our wide range of products and how pleasant, quickly, and easily the furnishings of your room can be!