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BenchK Furniture

Sports exercises are an integral part of our lives, and along with the need for them, there is also a need for sports equipment. There are numerous brands of such goods on the market, but only a few of them are considered the best, and BenchK is on this list. Have you decided to equip a sports corner in your house or apartment? A wide range of BenchK products will definitely help you with this. Even the simplest home sports game complex consists of such a universal base as a bar wall. Specialized brand BenchK provides this kind of equipment made of different types of wood and metal, convenient dimensions, color combinations, and structure. The assortment of the brand provides the customer with sports wall bars, kid's game complexes for early development of physical condition, and other various sport accessories for teenagers and adults.  

BenchK is the manufacturer of sports equipment. Long-term experience in the production of metal structures enables the company to produce sports equipment and simulators of high quality and reliability. The use of modern materials and technologies makes it possible to achieve the desired ratio of price and quality of products. Preliminary computer modeling of bar walls, horizontal bars, and other products of the brand allows the manufacturers to avoid problems and improve the quality of production. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to become healthier, fitter, and slimmer, and BenchK will be happy to help you realize your plans. With the help of the catalog of this brand, you will create a real gym right in your home and you can save on annual subscriptions to fitness centers.


BenchK makes exercising even easier thanks to innovative technology. In the collections of the trademark, you will always find stylish and functional accessories for both training in the gym and for outdoor activities that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding athletes. The brand's collections are distinguished by a wide range and the items that make them up, using the most modern innovative materials, technologies, and bright style thanks to the work of the best designers. BenchK home equipment meets the highest requirements, both in terms of reliability and safety criteria. The main goal of the company's team is to offer the most understandable and simple product that will 100% satisfy the needs of the client. BenchK has the ability to fully control the cycle of creation, production, and promotion of its products, which gives obvious advantages over other manufacturers.

When choosing paints and varnishes, BenchK pays special attention to their quality. The materials with which the manufacturer covers the wood are water-based, environmentally friendly, and do not contain harmful chemical solvents. BenchK offers only the most interesting and high-quality complexes and equipment for sports, which will allow you to organize highly effective workouts in any condition. All products have quality certificates that confirm the absence of a negative impact of sports equipment on human health. Are you looking to buy fitness supplies for your home or office? Every day, the creation of a sports corner in the office is gaining more and more popularity. Just a few small exercises for variety with constant sedentary work, help raise and improve blood circulation in the body of your team and staff. For both home and office, you are buying not just a simulator, but a whole complex of all possible different simulators for joints and muscles.


The BenchK company works in a highly specialized direction in the sale of sports goods, occupies a leading position in this segment, and has the experience and sufficient knowledge so that you can buy not just gymnastic equipment, but much more - joy, and positive emotions. This Polish company specialized in the production of sports systems and equipment has been operating in this segment since 2014. The creators of the brand, Vadim and Irena Zemlianyi, are proud that the wall bars of their brand are extremely diverse in content and design. A professional tandem of technical production engineers and talented designers made it possible to realize unique models. The company team tries to constantly pay attention to both new modern developments of sports complexes and to monitor their quality. 

For many years, BenchK has been successfully developing and manufacturing a wide range of reliable sports equipment for home and commercial fitness. A professional approach to the selection of all components and materials allows the company’s employees to produce high-quality and reliable wall bars, gymnastic ladders, workout benches, sports mattresses, and many others. BenchK is a company that always focuses on the customer, taking into account the needs of both beginners and advanced users. It is a combination of technology, design, and high-quality materials that will stand up to long-term use. Professionals and athletes alike note that BenchK products are equally good for home use and commercial purchases. Functionality, safety, and wide training opportunities distinguish all the products of the company that are certified and are in great demand on the sports equipment market.