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Zuo Furniture

Can a compact company with about 200 employees become world-famous? Such a brand exists and it is Zuo. The secret of success lies in the impeccable quality of every detail, the variety of designs and materials, and participation in international exhibitions taking place in different parts of the world. Today, Zuo products are in great demand among connoisseurs of modern and stylish interiors. High-quality and reliable furniture decorates public spaces, offices of large and small companies, homes, and restaurants. Customers appreciate not only originality and a bold approach to furniture design. Comfort is present in all phases of cooperation, including fast delivery and quick assembly. 

Zuo experiments with a variety of materials, combining previously incompatible, without restraining creativity. The tables and chairs of this brand always look fresh and original, regardless of genre, design, or color. A flight of fancy does not cancel the laws of art and craft. For this reason, the Zuo furniture is reliable and comfortable in every detail. You can order indoor and outdoor home items, lighting fixtures, and decorative accessories. Brand novelties are available in the most prestigious showrooms in different parts of the world. Each exhibition piece of furniture is equipped with an interactive label indicating the main characteristics. In the virtual gallery of the Domesca online store, you can not only enjoy a beautiful sight but also purchase Zuo brand furniture at any time of the day or night.


Fashionable furniture should be accessible to all demographics, Zuo founders say. Comfort doesn't end in a private place. Zuo is constantly expanding its collection of furniture and lighting designed for hotels, beach houses, and facilities for the elderly. The hospitality sector is an important area where people should enjoy life as well as in their own apartment, says Zuo CEO Luis Ruesga. When the covid restrictions are lifted, people again want to travel, visit seaside resorts and communicate with interesting people. The company meets this trend well-prepared. The Zuo Modern 2022 collection will surprise you with new solutions and fresh ideas.

Multifunctional furniture is becoming more and more popular. At HD Expo, a dainty 3-in-1 piece sparked a lively interest. Within seconds, an ordinary dining table turns into a billiard or table tennis field. This solution will appeal to the owners of condominiums and compact clubhouses. Buyers of the Zuo furniture are medium and small entrepreneurs who want to bring the comfort of their premises to an optimal level. Bar and dining chairs of this brand furnish cafés and restaurants in megacities and cozy resort towns. Don't miss charming pieces of furniture for the living room, bedroom, dining room, and office. In the brand's catalog, you will find comfortable beds, armchairs, desks, and decorative objects.


In 2005, two young entrepreneurs Luis Ruesga and Steve Poon decided to contribute to the world of beautiful home things and founded Zuo Modern. They were certain that furniture and lighting can be not only practical but also affordable and fun. The new business was guided by modern fashion trends and long-standing traditions of quality. The development of home and hospitality furniture went on simultaneously. Very soon, Zuo acquired recognizable features, which gradually took the form of a unique lifestyle. Garden furniture, lighting fixtures, and mirrors have expanded the range of products. New items from the brand are available in the Domesca online store.

The stylistic approach is based on the aesthetic standard of the middle of the last century, sublimated to modern and industrial chic. The Zuo furniture brings a family atmosphere to the most formal space. This is not surprising, because each client of the company is a member of a large and friendly family. A wholesale buyer, a representative of a chain of luxury restaurants, and the owner of a small street café with two or three tables lost among skyscrapers with equal care will be served on the Zuo website and in the Domesca online store. The brand does not need noisy advertising. It has already been arranged by numerous clients all over the world. If you're in a cozy place, chances are it's furnished with Zuo pieces. Just relax and enjoy!