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Wall lamps are suitable for general, local, and accent lighting. In home interiors, they are needed to illuminate the reading area, create light in a room with a low ceiling and solve other problems. In each room, it is important to arrange the right lighting system to create the right atmosphere. For a space where we wake up every morning, eat or prepare for important events and rest after work, this rule is especially relevant. In addition to the optimal level of lighting, it is necessary to find executive modules for its implementation. To get the right direction of light, Domesca has created a «Swing Arm Lights» section, so you can easily get the thing that you visualized in your head and create an unsurpassed atmosphere in your rooms.

Nowadays we have a fashionable combination of several concepts - minimalism, high-tech, loft, a little avant-garde, Scandinavian and eco-style. The result is impeccable appearance, functionality, and comfort, created from current trends. The modern swing arm lights should be of simple geometry, without excesses of decor and tricks in equipment. Practicality, clear lines, compactness to leave the maximum of open space. The lamp in the modern style will be the complete opposite of the classic counterparts. It is the choice of those who keep up with the times without compromising their comfort. The lighting device must be of good quality, made of quality materials, and match the neutral colors (the basic rule of the bedroom). You can mix shades of the main palette, and choose a model with contrasting, but not the usual color combinations.

Swing arm lights perform many tasks. First on the list is replacing natural light and highlighting areas. The sleeping area, for example, can be illuminated by the soft glow of the main chandelier or downlights cut into the ceiling around the perimeter of the bed, a reading corner, or a table with a dynamic concentrated flow of spots and more. It is also a great way to decorate and implement the chosen interior style. This option is the most effective mechanism, as it creates the possibility of vertical lighting with movable lampshades (track systems, spots, recessed models with adjustable reflectors). They also can express your individuality. The satisfaction with the obtained result depends on which lamp you choose. The general light will help to orient in space, and the correct accents will help to open features, to mark details. Paintings, interior items, carved headboard - the desired area will be highlighted by such devices.

Such lamps are a great way to create space. Visually raise the ceiling, expand a narrow bedroom, distract from a particular object, and add depth with volume - the chosen swing arm lighting affects the perception of the room. These lamps differ in design, shape, size, and nature of light propagation. This is reflected in the general atmosphere of the house. You do not need to create an excessively cold or warm spectrum of lighting. Comfortable in a room where these characteristics are balanced. Luminaires of vertical light distribution create the impression of enlarged space, and horizontal - add art to local lighting. By choosing Domesca, you get not only high-quality lighting but also a cozy atmosphere in the rooms.

In addition to the main lighting in the room, additional lighting is often used to provide better illumination of certain areas. To do this, use swing arm lighting. In the organization of additional or decorative lighting, swing arm lamps are used, which have design features that differ from each other, including the type of base for the light bulb, as well as the fastening mechanism. Based on the diversity of varieties in the range of this category, the use of such lighting equipment may be required in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of the house. But the choice of such a lamp is an important issue, you can’t just take any, you need to spend time and delve into the search for a suitable model. The Domesca catalog is very rich in its assortment, so in our online store, you will definitely find what you like and what will last you for many years. Many devices belong to this type, so it is easy to choose a product for any interior.

A swing arm light, like any other lamp, should be combined with the area in terms of its shape, color, materials, and general style. Today, the market represents a thousandth assortment of such lighting devices, with different designs, colors. In order not to make a mistake with your choice, you should seek help from our specialists, who will be happy to give you some advice. Some lights are compatible with dimmer switches, others have replaceable shades, and still, others are suitable for surface mounting. It is necessary to decide which additional functions of the electrical appliance you will need. Also, do not forget that a model with protection against moisture and dust is needed for a bathroom or an open veranda, a solution made of special materials that will be safe for children for a nursery, and an easy-to-maintain product for the kitchen.

There are several options for what function the swing arm lamp will perform. First, it will directly illuminate the entire room or a specific area. It will also perfectly decorate the interior, fill the empty space, create volume in it, illuminate the green plant area in the room, and of course, create a weak light source (which will serve as a night light). The function determines which lamp to choose, which means that you need to take into account the size, style, color, height, cost, and other parameters. Insignificant, at first glance, the lighting device performs a number of important functions in the room. Local lighting is the direct purpose of this model. The swing arm device can be placed in the bedroom above the bed for comfortable reading, by the mirror for hygiene and cosmetic procedures. It is also a great option for full lighting. Several miniature swing arm lamps will provide enough light and harmoniously fit into the interior. Visit the Domesca online store catalog and get the best deals now!