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The secret to the increased popularity and demand for recessed lightning is very simple: they are as versatile as possible. After all, they can be used as main, background, or accent lighting, mounted on all types of ceilings, and matched to any style of interior - they give real freedom when organizing light at home or in the office. But only 10-15 years ago, they were novelties that not everyone could afford. Most often they were mounted in stretch ceilings. Today, the variety of applications of such lighting is much wider. In addition, the pricing policy has changed significantly. So almost everyone can afford this device, especially if you have chosen the section "Recessed Lightning" at Domesca for this mission.

A wide range of this kind of enchantment in our online store allows you to choose exactly the option that will look perfect in the kitchen or living room. With its help, you can create a modern and unusual interior. Recessed lighting can very successfully replace classic chandeliers. And this is a perfect option for those who want to make the atmosphere at home fresher and more interesting. In addition, with the help of small lamps in this plan, you can get interesting lighting effects and compositions. An ordinary chandelier can never cope with such tasks. Depending on the purpose and size of living rooms, as well as on a specific design concept, the necessary characteristics of products are selected: power, moisture protection, glow temperature, etc.

If you are engaged in the selection of this lamp independently, it is important to approach this business seriously. The modern market offers an unlimited number of different lighting options. It is important to understand what kind of lamp you need, where you are going to put it, and for what purpose. The choice of recessed lighting for the living room is based on the fact that it requires both bright enough (for receiving guests) and subdued (for watching TV) lighting. Therefore, in the hall, most often, a ceiling is made around the perimeter, and in the center, there is a bright traditional chandelier. When choosing this item for the bathroom, it is crucial to understand that the most important point is moisture resistance, which is also one of the main selection criteria for the kitchen. Buying the right modes of recessed lighting will help ensure safety and comfort while cooking.

The number of light sources will directly affect the brightness of the lighting of the desired room. Therefore, if you want a bright room, you should prefer lamps with 4 or more light sources. In addition, it is best to buy several pieces at once. The main advantages that are important to know about recessed models: in a modern style, they add modernity and exclusivity to the interior. They perfectly cope with the task of uniform lighting: unlike a chandelier or a standard lamp, recessed lighting will make the light in the room uniform and diffused, without clear shadows and unlit corners. It can also be good detailed lighting: with recessed lights, you can easily select a specific area on which you would like to emphasize - the picture, work area, shelves with flowers. You can find these and other models in our online store Domesca.

The main difference between recessed lighting models and pendant lighting is the method of installation. The technical base of such lamps is completely or partially hidden under the surface on which it is mounted. Thanks to this, they go well with various interiors, from strict minimalism to refined classics, and allow you to create unusual lighting schemes and do not take up too much space. In addition, recessed lights are divided by purpose: for general, local or decorative lighting. The first option has an intense light flux and a wide scattering angle, the second one occupies an intermediate position, and the third one is characterized by a narrow beam of light. Like other lamps, they are divided into types depending on color temperature, degree of protection against moisture and dust, as well as other parameters. 

These lamps are distinguished by their functionality: compatible with switches with indicators; compatible with dimers; with an adjustable shade of light; with additional decorative overlays; with an adjustable shade of light. These models are already available at Domesca. Recessed models also differ in purpose: for ordinary rooms, wet or dusty spaces, and even streets.  Among the products, there are solutions for installation on vertical, horizontal, or both types of surfaces. It is better to buy models, plan and calculate lighting at the same time because the number of sources depends on the arrangement scheme, and the characteristics of electrical appliances depend on the required level of illumination. Before buying at Domesca, you should understand that an ideal lamp must meet all the necessary characteristics. For example, decorative: shape, color, size, style, etc.  This will help to choose a model that will suit the interior. Much attention should also be paid to the degree of protection against external influences (moisture, climate, dust, temperature).

Recessed ceiling lights differ in design features, namely, in how the direction of the light rays is adjusted.  In particular, they can be fixed. Such recessed fixtures are sometimes installed for stretch ceilings, and they only shine down. They are used mostly for general lighting and mounting in groups. They are also rotatable- these models are more functional and great for installation in places where you need to direct the flow of light to a specific place. It can be an equipped reading area, a workplace, and so on. Give preference to modern variants of lamps. Interior designers do not stand in one place, so you should not use already outdated models of lamps that have impressive dimensions. After all, their installation requires lowering the ceiling canvas by 8-9 cm. We hope that with this information it will be much easier for you to make a choice and you will not make a mistake in buying.