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Mayner Hempapedic Mattresses

Mayner Hempapedic

People spend a third of their lives sleeping. A bedroom is a sacred place in the home, where a person takes off his or her mask, relaxes, and considers future plans. The quality of sleep largely depends on the bed, or rather, on a comfortable and durable mattress. It must be made of stable and safe materials, resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Finally, the ideal mattress is soft to the touch, pleasant to the eye, and nice to smell. These are the ones that Mayner Hempapedic makes. Heaven on earth is possible if one knows where to buy quality and eco-friendly home items from the world's best manufacturers. Today it is available to everyone at an affordable price. Welcome to the club of connoisseurs of true comfort!

Mayner Hempapedic manufactures its products using eco-friendly technologies, with love and care for its customers, from premium materials available on the market. They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and safe for adults, children, and pets. In addition, Mayner Hempapedic Foam Mattresses are equipped with a unique antibacterial layer that makes comfort perfect. Demanding users can sleep peacefully. Their safety is under reliable protection. The famous US brand offers a wide variety of mattresses for every taste and whim. Everyone can choose and order what they need in a few seconds, using the convenient navigation on our website. All the necessary information is indicated on the product page, including materials, dimensions, and additional features.


Mayner Hempapedic offers durable and comfortable mattresses made from the finest foam available on the market. Serene foam tops this list thanks to Supportive Air Technology. Products from this collection perfectly remember the parameters of the sleeper, without loss of support or convoluted foams. The well-thought-out design of the functional pieces ensures maximum lying and sitting comfort, resulting in a compromise between cushion firm and gentle soft. The client feels the deep and consistent support of every millimeter of their body, enjoying every second of relaxation on a mattress from Mayner Hempapedic. This is a place where one can not only sleep, but also read, work on a tablet and manage a huge company.

Mayner Hempapedic
Mayner Hempapedic

Mayner Hempapedic Mattresses provide an incredible tactile experience with a hemp surface that provides strong antibacterial protection, coolness during hot hours, and divine warmth on winter nights. All offered models are reinforced with hybrid coils on the edges, making them especially durable for tireless lovers, children's games, and long evening entertainment with relatives and friends. Real comfort can and should be reliable and long-lasting, according to Mayner Hempapedic designers. Each model from the famous American brand meets the highest standards of quality and purpose, in accordance with the State of the Art Materials and eco-friendly technologies. Mayner Hempapedic is an excellent choice for restless sleepers and anyone who wants to relieve stress.


The history of Mayner Hempapedic dates back to the late 19th century and is a story of passion, commitment, and craftsmanship. Founded in 1895 by Alex Mayner as an upholstery workshop, the family-run business created custom furniture pieces with carefully selected high-quality fabrics, natural materials, and unparalleled attention to detail that set the brand apart from its competitors. As the years progressed and technology developed further, so did Mayner’s focus on using environmentally friendly hemp fabric when crafting their products. This move became central to their mission as they sought efficient methods for creating beneficial, healthier mattresses handmade with natural components for comfortable sleep at night.

Mayner Hempapedic
Mayner Hempapedic

From transitional living room sets to ergonomic body pillows, this artisanal business went from rising stars within the industry to defining innovation in modern bedding trends today. Crafted with sustainable materials and filled with certified organic hemp, one can rest assured that his or her sleep will be comfortable and health-conscious alike. Not only do the mattresses provide unbeatable comfort and support, but they also come at reasonable prices, so anyone doesn't have to break the bank for a good night's sleep. With Mayner Hempapedic mattresses, the client gets absolute comfort, while sleeping and awake. This makes them the ideal choice for anyone looking for reliable bedding solutions.