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GFURN Furniture

Montreal-based company GFURN has been selling furniture from leading factories for more than eight years. Today, the brand's catalog contains several hundred items of wood and glass products, upholstered furniture, beds, tables, chairs, and accessories. A large selection of products is able to conquer even the most demanding customer. The goal of GFURN is to provide quality service for each customer at all stages of service, from product selection to warranty and post-warranty service, so customer feedback is an integral part of the company's work. By building effective communications in all available ways, the company's team listens to the opinions of its customers and improves the quality of service every day. The success of this approach is evidenced by dozens of orders and thousands of satisfied customers.

GFURN is a dynamically developing production of upholstered furniture, focusing on consumer requirements and world standards. The GFURN team of professionals makes every effort to ensure that all customers are satisfied with their cooperation and come to them again and again with their friends and relatives. The managers created and established a wonderful system of interaction between business processes, which allows them to quickly perform a full range of tasks for the sale of furniture products. To date, the high quality of GFURN furniture is achieved through the use of modern technologies and equipment in production, well-coordinated work of designers and constructors, and strict quality control at all stages of production.


The GFURN model range is constantly updated and improved taking into account the requirements of consumers and modern trends in the development of furniture production. When creating products, the company uses a multi-stage quality control system that meets the standards of the best furniture companies. The main direction of GFURN development is to improve the quality of products through the modernization of production, staff development, and the creation of a quality management system. The unity of the organization of enterprises allows it to get a huge competitive advantage over other manufacturers, which is expressed in the possibility of producing exclusive upholstery materials which were not seen on the market previously.

The durability of GFURN interior elements is achieved thanks to the use of modern technologies and production equipment in the production. The work of designers allows the company to create a unique appearance of products. The brand model range is constantly updated and improved taking into account the requirements of consumers and modern trends in the development of the furniture industry. In its production, GFURN applies multi-stage quality control according to the standards of the best furniture factories. The team modernizes workshops and equipment, and improves the level of management and staff qualifications, guaranteeing the quality of products. This is the main direction of the development of GFURN.


The history of GFURN began back in 2011 when its creators Flo & Jean shared ideas about creating stylish designer furniture. The idea of developing their own company emerged while Flo and Jean were buying their first apartment. At that time, they had a combined background in marketing and finance. As young professionals, young men wanted to bring a fresh new interior design to their first home, and the one thing they have always agreed on is their shared passion for modern design, trendy decor, and stylish furniture. After leafing through interior design magazines, reading many design blogs, and walking in modern furniture shops, Flo and Jean realized that their limited resources and modest budget would allow them to furnish the space with a combination of design and quality. 

The GFURN creators found out that there were many furniture retailers who generally sold reproductions of the iconic mid-century modern furniture designs they were in love with. However, they were often disappointed with the price-quality ratio: products with imitation leather, more polyester than real wool, and cheap materials, all of which resulted in a poor-quality finish and were still sold with high price tags. And this was the beginning of the development of men's ambitions into something more than just a desire to create. Unlike the big retailers, GFURN offers only unique designer furniture with special nuances and original elements. Brand custom-built products were carefully sourced from manufacturers who must comply with high-quality control standards.