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Home Office

Since the Internet entered our lives, many people have started working from home. The coronavirus epidemic has given an additional impetus to the arrangement of home offices. Even if covid disappears, representatives of the creative professions are unlikely to return to the abandoned working environment. Because there's no place like home. Many programmers, artists, composers, and copywriters do a great job within the walls of their homes. Some bosses successfully manage huge companies through video conferencing. Good home office furniture helps them with this.

Domesca online store experts will help you furnish your workplace at the highest level. Your home office can replicate the work environment you left behind if you're used to that standard. But it is much better to add an element of intimacy and originality to this. Our collection comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles. If you are annoyed by everything superfluous, opt for simple and practical things. People of creative professions prefer to surround themselves with original items for the home. In our online store, you can buy tables and chairs of unusual designs, as well as various shelves, stands, and other furniture. 

So many men, so many tastes. A fairly large number of people are fond of antique things. They symbolize the connection of times and stability. A real antique table costs a lot of money, but you can always get great stylized furniture. It is made from high-quality natural or synthetic materials, according to modern technologies, and is perfectly adapted to the requirements of the time. An ideal pair for such a table would be a classic chair or armchair, with soft padding and carved decorations. Models can be painted, by imitating certain types of wood.

The classical style reproduces the recognizable features of objects of the past, but with modern conveniences. Victorian and Roman styles are very popular. The features of these eras can manifest themselves in the form of fittings, the legs of a table or chair, in color, proportions, and design. A computer, printer, or scanner will look original on the antique countertop, which is reminiscent of furniture from a historical film. Complement the old-time atmosphere with an appropriate vase, lamp, and wall picture. You will find these items in the "Decor'' section of the Domesca online store.

The experienced user carefully chooses a chair in which he will work about eight hours a day. Your “throne” should be not only comfortable, but also movable. The modern office chair is upholstered in soft-touch leather, height-adjustable, and can rotate. Comfortable armrests will support your hands in moments of relaxation, and the wheelbase will allow you to move around the room without getting up. You can easily assemble the office chair by yourself using the instructions included in the product. Lovers of swinging on a chair will find in our catalog many durable models of this furniture on a metal frame.

Some design features of home office furniture can be very important given the size and shape of the space. Disassembled tables and chairs are applicable to purchase for small rooms that, in addition, have other functions. Worthy of attention is a folding table, ready to merge with the wall holding it in a couple of seconds. Some models of this furniture are equipped with wheels, others are L-shaped, for the simultaneous performance of several activities on different parts. The base and table-top are made of wood, metal, or durable plastic.  

In the catalog of the online store Domesca, you will find a large selection of lighting fixtures for the home office – desk, built-in and hanging ones. There are also wall shelves, safes for documents and valuables, photo frames, fans, dusters, and vacuum cleaners. In the home office, items from other sections of our online store will be appropriate. There you will find many useful and beautiful things from the best world designers. Navigate our catalog through your smartphone. You are welcome at any time of the day or night!