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Elegant™ - 3000G Chandelier


$1,474.00 - $1,700.00

Elegant™ - Sydney 1202D Pendant


$2,088.00 - $3,246.00

Elegant™ - 2803G Chandelier


$22,260.00 - $24,488.00

We all know that lighting plays a very important role: well-chosen lamps can make a home or office more comfortable and cozy, and their decor more stylish. The most popular type of such equipment has long been considered a chandelier. Choosing the right model sets the tone for the entire interior. Its design and characteristics depend on the room in which this lamp will be installed. The style decision of the place, the functional significance of the area, and its dimensions affect which model and type of chandelier you should buy. The section "Chandeliers" at Domesca is not just a large assortment of beautiful items, it is a collection of the best products that will provide you with the right amount of light and the proper stylish solution.

When choosing chandeliers, we recommend that you pay attention to the purpose of the object. Many models are universal, and some will be appropriate only in certain types of premises. On the product page you will find the following characteristics: manufacturer's brand, weight of the chandelier, assembled and packaged dimensions, style, design and shape, materials used, type of finish, lampshade color, installation type, voltage, power, number of pieces in the set, included components and special features. In our models, we offer materials that are safe for health and the environment. They have been rigorously tested and certified by independent laboratories to meet international quality and emission standards. Farmhouse and shabby chic chandeliers also use durable and reliable materials, aged to imitate the old style. 

Before buying the perfect chandelier in our online store, you should familiarize yourself with its types and understand which option will be most suitable for you. There are two types of chandeliers – classic and ceiling. The first is lowered some distance from the ceiling on a spring or chain. The second ones are fixed directly under the ceiling. Classic chandeliers tend to look very stylish and elegant. Such light sources create a special atmosphere of charm and grace in the room. It is simply impossible not to notice such a chandelier in the house. A ceiling chandelier is a little simpler selection. However, now there are also ceiling chandeliers with a unique design that can play the role of an important accent in the area.

We advise you to pay special attention to the included components and special features of the model. A chandelier with an adjustable chain and an artistic design of antique bronze horns will fit perfectly into the interior of the dining room. Create a sense of past empires in the living room, bedroom, foyer and home office. The settings for outdoor models are different from those for indoor models. The chandelier for outdoor use has a design that is resistant to moisture and sudden changes in temperature. For the farmhouse style, high-quality natural wood is used. The realistic texture of this material fits perfectly with the design of a French rustic chandelier. Choose real wood if you prefer the feeling of nature in your home. Pay attention to models in which all procedures are performed manually. Skilled craftsmen cut, sand, paint and polish each chandelier, creating a unique and inimitable product.

On the issue of the dimensions of the main lamp, harmony is needed: it must correspond to the size of the apartment. The chandelier cannot be too large, it will overload the interior. But it’s best to avoid too small models – they will simply be visually lost in the room. There are many options for what the base and lampshade are made of. Metal chandeliers are durable, stylish, and strong. Plastic ones are cheaper and lighter, but manufacturers don't offer many luxurious items. Glass chandeliers are the most refined, but require careful maintenance, and the price can be high. As for wooden, paper, and textile models, they are a little more difficult to care for and are more suitable for decor in the spirit of ethno, country, etc.

Do you want to buy a chandelier for the living room? Designers advise us to pay more attention to compatibility with the general style of the interior than to usefulness. The chandelier for the bedroom should not shine too brightly because this room is associated with relaxation. Usually, this space is decorated in light colors, therefore, it is better to choose a lamp in calm shades. Office ceiling chandeliers must strictly comply with the norms of the power of the luminous flux, as this increases the efficiency and mood of the staff. Regardless of the type and size of the apartment in which you want to purchase a chandelier, you need to rely on your desires and preferences. And we will be glad if you find exactly what you have been looking for at Domesca because we have set ourselves the goal of satisfying the tastes of every customer.

An elegant lamp with golden bronze finish and scalloped amber glass will add uniqueness and special intimacy to the interior of the living room, bedroom, dining room and hallway. The ratio of the size of the chandelier and the room in which it hangs is of great importance. It should not be too large, so as not to overwhelm with its grandeur and beauty. Too small an object in a huge hall will cause ridicule and bewilderment. Regardless of style, size and cost, we guarantee the exclusive quality of each household item purchased in the Domesca online store and prompt delivery to any location. Also visit “Pendant Lighting”, “Flush Mount Lighting“, “Specialty Lighting”, and other categories in our catalog. Order our products at any time of the day or night.