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CLMBR Furniture

CLMBR™ - Connected

$1,799.00 - $2,399.00

If you see a slender and handsome stranger on the street, at a party, or a business reception, think about the impact a quality fitness machine has had on their health. Don't be afraid to ask the beautiful and lucky stranger what brand he/she prefers. And if the answer is CLMBR, you will understand the secret of his/her attractiveness. This brand creates vertical climbing machines that bring not only benefits but also a joy to the body. Physical exercise can give a lot of pleasure that you can have in your own home. When the weather is bad outside or an epidemic has swept through your area, physical activity should not be reduced. CLMBR climbing machines are handy, compact, and easy to maintain. Become the director of your health. Build yourself with a smile on your face. 

Be happy and healthy with CLMBR climbing machines. They won't let you down. Brand managers and designers are unanimous in their opinion that physical exercises should be performed with maximum comfort. Developers of innovative climbing machines are moving in this direction. You can sculpt and strengthen your entire body at any time and in any weather. Studio CLMBR offers more than a workout. This is a holistic approach to fitness. Start exercising now to never stop.


The CLMBR combines intense cardio and strength in one low-impact workout. You will burn 60 percent more calories than running, rowing and cycling. This is not just a publicity stunt, but a scientific prediction. CLMBR climbing machines combine strength and cardio training with experimental lighting, sound, and luxurious amenities. Additional weights and benches are at your service. All this will allow you to use the main muscle groups and sculpt the body without undue stress. The open cockpit will provide a more natural climbing position and help you achieve the desired results quickly and efficiently. CLMBR cares not only about your muscles, but also about mental well-being. Meet challenges with good health and a positive mindset. Only in this way can you achieve the desired effect.

Ergonomic and continuously adjustable handles provide a personalized fit. The high-definition widescreen display and powerful built-in sound system will immerse you in an exciting workout experience. Each climbing machine is fully equipped with state-of-the-art Bluetooth capabilities, making it easy to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as fitness trackers and headphones. A few subtle resistance settings allow you to customize the load of each climb and challenge yourself. Oversized and textured foot pedals provide stable support for all bodies. They keep you safe and secure as your feet never leave the pedals while climbing. Roller wheels will increase the freedom of maneuver, allowing you to move the machine when it is not needed.


CLMBR as a new business was formed in the middle of 2019. The founders of the new brand decided to revolutionize the technique of fitness. They were convinced that exercise could be made more natural while maintaining the client's well-being and mental health. Avrum Elmakis, founder and CEO of CLMBR, already had extensive experience in managing a large company. Their passion for climbing machines was his long-term hobby. When the time came to start a new business, experienced athletes and fitness instructors joined the work. The CLMBR team is made up of world-class champions, philanthropists, fitness gurus, certified trainers, and medical and wellness experts. Naturally, some active climbers have a wealth of experience in overcoming difficulties.  

CLMBR is not just exercise equipment. This is a scientific approach to increasing the load, in which the comfortable state of mind and body plays a major role. Vertical climbing does not injure the spine and joints, avoiding any negative consequences on your life. Forget about erratic movements and waste of energy. Say No to trauma and depression. CLMBR climbing machines provide extensive fitness benefits and neurological stimulation. Discover exciting processes designed specifically for your body. CLMBR offers an effective full-body workout in less time. This is not only calories burned but also an incredible tone of the arms, legs, buttocks, back, and abs. Start a new life without suffering and disease! Order CLMBR machines in the Domesca online store at any time of the day or night.