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Rove Furniture


Rove is a modern company based in western Canada producing furniture in a variety of styles to satisfy all your needs and tastes. The co-founders hired furniture designers who work directly with overseas factories and announced that their products are made in small batches from sustainable materials from around the world. When developing new interior items, creators and manufacturers take into account customers’ feedback and their wishes to identify gaps in modern furniture industry projects that need to be filled. In this way, the company can anticipate future global manufacturing trends and work with new materials, technologies, and designs, using all producing capabilities to develop the perfect product.

What makes Rove different from all other brands on the market? First of all, it is the dedication of the team to their work. Every member of the company with great responsibility and attention approaches the concept of each element and model, which in the future will be in your house. Secondly, the communication of the company's employees with customers is very quick and understanding. Here, for example, is a review from a satisfied client: "I must say I am very pleased with Rove, their furniture, and service. I ordered a console with nightstands, there was a little damage on it, and Rove accommodated me with an exchange. I am very grateful and looking forward to buying the rest of my furniture, kitchen, living room, bedroom.


The company aims to modernize the furniture industry. Rove, a modern brand with high standards of excellence and style, values design, passion, and sustainability. With a focus on quality and contemporary design, the brand offers its customers exquisite home decor to help create your inspired lifestyle. Nowadays, Rove works with cooperative factories in China and Vietnam and purchases handmade carpets from India. Not only are their pieces of furniture gorgeous and comfortable, but their quality and attention to details and to the price they offer are second to none. Sure, buying furniture online can be a little intimidating. But be confident that by choosing Rove for this task, there is nothing to be afraid of.


We all understand how important it is to be conscious of consumption, especially now. Rove took a responsible approach to the task of preserving the environment and made a whole plan to change the way the furniture was made. In addition to releasing the first eco-friendly product collection in 2019 and starting to use leather substitutes in kitchen, bedroom, and living room items in 2020, they decided to move on. In 2022, the brand began to collaborate with other organizations supporting its concept. On top of that, company founders want to completely eliminate real leather and non-recyclable materials when packing orders. And already in 2024, Rove plans to totally abandon plastic in the manufacture of furniture.


Rove, a direct-to-consumer contemporary furniture company, was founded in 2011 by Art Lee and Brendan Burscough in the Pacific Northwest. Lee's inspiration came from his grandfather's mid-century modern furniture company. Similarly, Burscough had a furniture-savvy grandfather who was a craftsman in the 1950s. Thereby, both Lee and Burscough honor the design and memory of their grandfathers by giving the furniture a contemporary edge in technology, design, and business. As a child, Art Lee always admired his grandfather's passion for creating beautiful furniture, and Lee was inspired by his masterpieces. The man was particularly motivated to work as a co-founder of the brand because of his grandpa's zeal to not give up, as he never stopped creating and designing furniture.


Technology. Changes. Comfort. These words characterize the brand that offers more than 1000 variants of furniture models. Explaining the reasons behind Rove's overwhelming success, Art Lee conceded that it was most likely a matter of timely entry into the e-commerce space and a clear understanding of the product's value in the marketplace. When the company first launched, the online market was less saturated than it is now, and Art Lee saw potential demand for it. He understood that it was a big risk, but he still saw the possible value and the way to approach it. Thanks to the fresh perspective of the owners of Rove, today we have a successful furniture company that has changed the industry with a modern global business model.