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The main problem with the entrance hall is often the small area. The second problem is where to put all the shoes and stuff. This is especially complicated for families with small children. Therefore, Domesca created the "Shoe Storage" section - to help solve two issues at once, and most importantly, do it stylishly. And if previously, a shoe cabinet looked like a massive chest, which only King Louis XV and wealthy people could afford in France 300 years ago, now everything has completely changed. Today these are exquisite and compact models that are available for everyone and everywhere. And we made sure that you can get the best storage place with the best quality. We provide a variety of models for all types of interiors. This piece of furniture can be considered one of the best solutions for organizing the hallway.

Shoe cabinets can be closed and opened. It is impossible to say unequivocally that closed ones are better since everyone chooses furniture individually. The main advantage of closed shoe cabinets is that the boots will be hidden from prying eyes there, and dust will not get on them. They also allow you to keep boots in perfect order, and even those that you do not wear this season. The frame of a closed cabinet is stronger, so the furniture is heavier and more massive. The advantage of other models is the possibility of air entering them, which will help to avoid the problem of unpleasant odors. Furniture with shelves like this is perfect for the short-term storage of shoes. Meanwhile, open cabinets at Domesca are more graceful and create a pleasant atmosphere in the hallway.

The raw materials for shoe cabinets must remain resistant to deformation, be durable, and environmentally friendly. It is not surprising that furniture production actively uses wood, which, moreover, looks very solid and will fit into any interior.  A worthy alternative is presented by MDF. Outwardly, such plates are practically indistinguishable from wood, and they are more affordable. It is worth noting their simplicity in finishing, and excellent performance properties. Plastic products are a fairly common option. They are easily cleaned and are not afraid of dampness, as well as the variation in colors from this material has always been huge. Plastic is often used as body kit parts and working mechanisms in furniture made from other materials, and it usually covers MDF panels.

In addition to the fact that modern manufacturers are trying to create the most reliable structure, they also think about the design of furniture and its functionality. So, in our online store’s stock, there are shoe cabinets that combine several functions at once. For example, some models also serve as comfortable seats. When the upper surface is made of soft material, it is used as a chair. Such an element of the interior will save space, using it as efficiently as possible. Some storage systems are made with additional drawers for stocking things and accessories. This also helps to solve the problem of where to put all the necessary things. Remember: whatever you imagine at your dream home, you can make it a reality with Domesca!

You determine the number and dimensions of the shoe rack yourself, based on the number of your shoes. It is only worth noting that one shelf will not be enough for convenience, it is better to choose at least two with a good height, where you can put both shoes and slippers. Three or more shelves are more common in closed hallway shelves (shoe chests) and, of course, they are purchased if space in the hallway is big enough. For example, the so-called shoe storage of the cassette plan has one or more drawers that slide out when the doors are opened. If you have a small hallway or corridor, then this is the best option - compact and roomy. When buying, it is important to pay attention to one point - the magnets must be strong enough and tenacious, otherwise, over time, the doors will constantly open. However, if you have chosen Domesca, you no longer need to worry about these little things.

A cabinet with folding doors is very similar to a regular chest of drawers, which holds several shelves, and all of them are closed with separate doors. With this option, it will be convenient for you to place shoes in boxes, and shoes and boots will be stored separately without dirtying each other. The slim cabinet is another interesting narrow design that stores items vertically. Very often, apartment owners prefer to mount a shoe rack in a closet, it is this model that will provide ease of use and a beautiful appearance of furniture. However, it is worth recalling that overall winter shoes will not fit in such models. In our online store, there are also cabinets with drawers. This is probably the most versatile option, as you can store both shoes and other items (for example, umbrellas) there.

Domesca has different standards, shapes, and sizes for this practical furniture accessory. Before placing it in the hallway, you should make sure that its dimensions correspond to the dimensions of the room. For small corridors or hallways, compact furniture should be chosen. A spacious entrance hall can be equipped with a three-dimensional model with a mirror, complemented by various drawers for storing small items. Of course, like any other piece of furniture, a shoe cabinet needs to be matched to the style of your interior. If there are already other pieces of furniture in the hallway, you need it to look harmonious with them. Among our catalog, you will definitely find shoe storage that fits perfectly into the hallway of different sizes.