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The man spied on the idea of ​​a hook from Mother Nature, as well as everything else. An ordinary branch on a tree could become a first hanger for his primitive attire. However, the clothes of our distant ancestors most often lay at the entrance to the cave or served as bed linen. Later, in medieval Europe, deer and other animal antlers were used as hooks. Modern men's clothing rests on coat racks. The wall hook is an indispensable attribute of home comfort. You can see it not only in the hallway since it is intended not only for clothes. There is no room where this useful household item would not come in handy. If you have not yet acquired this practical and beautiful piece of furniture, the “Wall Hooks'' category in the Domesca catalog is waiting for you.

Any nail can be used as a hanger, but in this case, your home will look like a prison cell. The wall hook combines functional and aesthetic advantages. Cast from metal or carved from wood, it will bring an additional comfort to your interior. Metal models can be mirror-smooth or matte dark, matching the atmosphere of the room. There are forked wall hooks and even three-branched. They are firmly attached to the wall or wooden substrate with screws. In the latter case, you can mount a long row of wall hooks on the board. Branches are short and long, for hanging thick bath towels, for example. A wall hook serves where a coat rack looks redundant. The smaller the room, the more often miniature hangers are used in it. Very original are wall wooden hooks assembled into a battery. They know how to move forward and go back if they are not needed.

Lovers of aesthetic solutions will definitely like the metallic model in the form of a graceful wave with elegant rods on it. There are models that imitate branched deer antlers or a human hand. The outstretched index finger looks very believable, so we do not recommend mounting this piece of art in dark places. Plastic wall hooks can be in the form of animals and plants. These things are very popular with children. The synthetic models are just as strong as the metal ones. Cane wall hooks have a special charm. Load components are made in the form of curved loops for greater strength. Such wicker pieces of furniture will warm the bedroom with their appearance and blend harmoniously into the “natural” interior. Finally, you can always use universal hooks. They are presented in the Domesca catalog in great quantity and are ready to decorate any wall.

Panels with wall hooks are present in garages and laundries, toilets and porches, offices, and even public transport. You can hang keys and umbrellas, handbags and hats, toys and towels on them. You will be surprised, but some people mount hooks on tree trunks. They are able to support the weight of toolboxes, folding ladders, and even bicycles. There are models to which clotheslines are tied – between houses or trees. In some countries, a similar use does not look exotic. It is important to choose the right hook shape, and you will do it with the help of our experts. Also, visit other sections of the Domesca online store: “Living Room”, “Bathroom Furniture”, “Outdoor & Patio Furniture'', “Decorative Objects”, “Plants & Botanicals”, “Bedroom Furniture”, “Home Office Furniture”, “Baby & Kids Room Furniture”, “Wall Art & Decor”, and so on.

The hook in the hallway is an easy and extremely useful design in the interior. If it is not possible to place a roomy closet in a small hallway, then a wall hook will be the best solution for storing things and keeping usable free space. Even with such a simple, at first glance, structure, designers are constantly improving it, changing, supplementing with new functions, and surprising with completely unusual methods. For example, the classic model of the hook is made more spacious, equipped with additional compartments for small accessories with keys and shelves for hats, movable elements are mounted, and instead of the standard rectangular hanger, the hanger is given a curved, figured or stylized shape.

Hooks can be installed simply on the wall, or on a wooden panel, with some open elements. There is also an option for internal filling of any closet or dressing room in your apartment and house. Since our team pays special attention to the correctness of your choice, we have given you some tips to help you make the right purchase. Dimensions (sizes) should be selected based on adjacent furniture and tasks that the hook should complete. The number of hooks determines the number of clothes and items that can be hung. Color, as well as the design, should also be combined with the design of the entire hallway. Among the materials, it is better to choose durable aluminum or metal alloys with an anti-corrosion coating.

The wall hook in the hallway can also be made in the form of separate hooks located on the wall in a certain or chaotic way. This option is even more compact and flexible, which allows you to arrange it even in a very limited area. Perhaps the main difference and advantage of individual hooks is the mobility of individual elements. After all, even a small closet in the hallway can not always fit into the existing space. Wall hooks can be bought in a wide range of Domesca. They are made of various materials and may differ in size, cost, design, and other characteristics, and among such a large selection in the catalog, you will find the model that fits perfectly into your hallway.