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For many people, the umbrella stand is associated with old films in which the characters, entering the house during the rain, casually leave their canes in this elegant interior element. However, today the appearance of this item has changed somewhat. After all, the umbrella stand was created back in 1885 and it looked much simpler than modern specimens. It was a frame with two slats and grooves for water to run off. Today they have a more varied look, and the range of the "Umbrella Stand" section invites you to look at models from various materials, shapes, and sizes. This accessory will save space, protect the floor from puddles of water, and can become a stylish hall decoration. Just at the entrance, this piece of furniture informs the guests that fans of excellent design and experts of beauty live here.

Stability, reliability, and aesthetics are the main things that any umbrella stand should have. However, to find the most suitable model, you need to rely on more specific factors. For example, the spaciousness, because if a small family of two or three people lives in the house, then a small umbrella stand is also suitable, which can also be removed and taken out if necessary. If the family is large, and guests are often received in the house, it is better to choose a roomy model, which is also a wonderful element of decor. Umbrella stands and compartments are often a part of hangers. This is the best decision for a tiny hallway, where every free centimeter is important. For small offices that are visited by several dozen people, clothes hangers, functionally combined with 2-3 holders, will be useful. Such models can maintain many umbrellas without damaging clothes at the same time.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the stand material. The most reliable and, of course, stylish are forged umbrella stands. They will look especially amazing in combination with a hanger made of the same material. Plastic coasters are very popular on the modern market, however, they very rarely perform any decorative functions, but they do an excellent job with their main duties. Domesca offers a wide range of such items- they are all different in shape, color, and quality.  A plastic umbrella stand is the most acceptable option if a person is interested in functionality for little money. For the manufacture of umbrellas stands, special glass is often used, which can withstand loads and is impact resistant. Models made of such material come in different shapes, which allows you to choose the right decor element for any interior.

This element of the hallway is often not used, and some people consider it a worthless piece of furniture. The situation changes dramatically in fall when going out without an umbrella becomes a rare occurrence. The stand turns out to be an essential accessory, and without this item, it’s hard to maintain order and cleanliness in the corridor. This seemingly insignificant element of everyday life can greatly facilitate the care of an umbrella, and decorate the interior of a living room, hallway, or even an office. Therefore, with an eye not to delay the purchase and not find yourself in an unpleasant circumstance, we recommend you to think about choosing the right model today. Be sure that you will be proud when you realize that you foresaw the importance of this thing in time and you will be satisfied by choosing Domesca for this responsible mission.

Before choosing an umbrella stand among our large assortment, it is worth determining what exactly you need it for: only as a functional item or also as a decorative object that harmoniously fits into the interior of the hallway. In this case, the umbrella stand should be combined with other hallway decor elements.  It depends on the material from which it will be made, and of course, its appearance. For modern interiors, furniture manufacturers offer many models of original shapes, and different colors, so you can easily choose a model that suits your interior. Tastefully chosen furniture, a mirror in a decorative frame, a chic holder for wet umbrellas - with them, even a small corridor hall will start to look like a palace hall.

When choosing the perfect umbrella stand model, a lot depends on the size of your entryway. Putting a massive rack in the hallway, where you can barely turn around together, is not entirely reasonable. In such rooms, you can just think about the version built into the closet or a mobile model that can be removed and taken out on occasion. If the hallway is quite large, you can already choose a stand solely for aesthetic reasons. It is important to remember that most of the rack options are designed for a cane umbrella, but Domesca has some luxurious models that can also fit regular folding umbrellas. To design an unusual interior, you should look for original design models that will add an interesting accent to your hallway and charm all guests.

If you want to choose an umbrella stand based on the style of the corridor, we have prepared for you some tips that will help you make the right choice. Rectangular glass coasters are suitable for a high-tech room. A room in a classic or colonial style will be decorated with wicker or leather racks. Metal accessories will harmoniously fit into the classic interior. Elegant plastic holders are suitable for a hallway decorated in a minimalist style. At the same time, models of white color and concise forms are often selected. For interiors in oriental style, we recommend buying ceramic models with hieroglyphs or made in the style of Chinese vases. These and other models are already available for purchase at Domesca!